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SAP S4HANA have delivered  many great Fiori Elements based applications which are much better in terms of user experience(UX), overall performance, and overall extensibility point of view when it is compared to their respective SAP GUI based Transaction Code based Reports.

Here, I would be presenting one of the especially useful and common real time scenarios to extend S4HANA based Finance Reports such as Display Line Item in General Ledger.

Display Line Items in General Ledger(F2217) which is quite similar to FBL3N Report, but the overall user experience, performance and extension features are much better.

And off coarse "Thanks to S4HANA and Fiori Element Framework" 

Here is the quick view of the application (From Fiori Library), for more information for this application, can be checked here.


Business Scenario

Business wants to have GL and Offset GL Description in Foreign language  available as part of the field selection. If the user wants, he/she can add it via setting option.

Here is the snapshot from the Fiori application after extension, can see the Highlighted in  Green additional added field is available.


Technical Explanation

Technical details of the Fiori applications can be found under Fiori app reference library or developer can just debug(F12) and found the gate way service and all.

Steps to be followed

  • Identify the SAP Standard OData Service, which is FAC_GLV_GL_ACCOUNT_LINE_ITEM_SRV in this scenario.

  • Identity the Gateway Project and underneath Consumption CDS. Which can be verified from the reference data source in Gateway Project.

  • Create Extension of the Standard CDS C_JournalEntryItemBrowser as follows.Important : Remember to use associations instead of normal joins 


    And here we go, development is done and ready for Business to testing.

    Really quite easy to extend,  Again Thanks to S4HANA and Fiori Element Framework 🙂