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This is the second part of the webcast from yesterday.  Part one is recapped here.


Source: SAP

Three years for idea into action

Source: SAP

Worlds are separate

Bring in at the point of decision, tie it so decisions can be improved

Foundation of 'digital core', intelligent ERP

Source: SAP

Example floorplan

Analytical List Page

Start at high level and enter line level

Benefits of OLTP and OLAP as one

No replication

Overview page - consolidate analytical cards

Source: SAP

Persona, bring in most relevant apps for user

Source: SAP

This is the pattern; visualize, decide, embed predictive

Source: SAP

Predictive procurement is available now

Source: SAP

Business process & analytics combined

Source: SAP

Virtual data models are the heart

Source: SAP

What provide to end user for embedded analytics

Use configuration to create analytical list page templates

Source: SAP

Standard provided drilldowns

Analysis Path - particular pattern of analysis to follow

Multi dimensional reports - part of embedded analytics

Done by configuration; key user can create


Tools for End Users

Source: SAP

Tools for key user/end user are part of S4

BusinessObjects is a separate license

Source: SAP

Need to assign the analytics specialist role

Custom CDS app allows you to modify SAP provided CDS

Date function app - your own ranges

Create predictive models

Source: SAP

List of apps; a start point to see what is available and extend

Source: SAP

Add fields with app

Source: SAP

Create your own queries

Source: SAP

Use Best Practices Explorer


For end users:

Source: SAP

Procurement Overview Page; standard apps



Upcoming webcasts:

BI Platform

Dashboarding SIG


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Source: SAP