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Happy New Year SAP Community!

This blog post is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled S/4HANA 1909 Cost Centres Budget Availability Control. Previously, I shared how the functionality works during PR creation and posting in Finance. I have shown as well how the posting in Finance varies when GUI is used as compared with Fiori.

I will share in here the steps that I have done in order to activate the functionality. The full documentation can also be accessed in the SAP Help Portal.

Maintain Account Groups

In this step, I have maintained the account group for the GL account I used in the previous post via Fiori app Manage Global Accounting Hierarchies.


Budget Availability Control Profile

In this step, I have maintained the configuration for the budget availability control profile. This profile contains the important configurations that are required to use the functionality. The hierarchy assigned here is based on the previous step. We can specify the tolerance limits and message type in here depending on the activity group.


Maintain Category for Planning

I simply used the standard category BUDGET02.

Manage Cost Centers

In this step, I have assigned the configured budget availability control profile. We need to use the Fiori app Manage Cost Centers to assign the profile to the cost center master data. Note that this step only exists in Fiori app. This step is not available in the KS01/KS02 transactions in GUI. I think this is primarily because the functionality was first released in S/4HANA Cloud and SAP's direction to use the Fiori apps. The Lock Commitment Updates was turned off as well to trigger the budget availability control for purchasing transactions.

I hope my blog posts have given you insight on the functionality. For the complete set of documentation, I highly recommend to read the SAP Help Portal. That's all SAP Folks for now!

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