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S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics KPI tile provides drill down capabilities. Clicking on KPI tile takes you to default drill down, where you can continue your analysis apply filters and drill down to the most granular data level e.g document level. Finally you can drill down to application (insight to action) to make transaction changes etc.

Configuring KPI tile drill downs on charts and tables is straight forward. What I will focus on is how to configure drill down to application using navigation intent (insight to action).

There is very little information available on how to setup navigation intent. I found some information in App Library for Configure KPI Drill-down app.

In order to Display Flight link appear in pop-over menu (as in my example above) following needs to be done:

  1. Define Target mapping for the App

  2. Define Navigation Intent in KPI evaluation


Define Target mapping for Display SFLIGHT records App

Note: In order for link to appear in pop-over following conditions need to be met:

  1. User is authorized to Catalog where Target Mapping is saved;

  2. App parameters are defined as mandatory (otherwise link will appear in Open In.. button menu which less consistent in terms of interface and adds a couple more clicks during navigation compared to pop-over menu)

Note: it is not a documented functionality, but from my experience Semantic Object Action should be named display, otherwise link will appear in Open In.. button menu

Note: parameters name are the one taken from CDS View

Note:  Target Name for SAP GUI transaction is a screen field for Batch Input


Define Navigation Intent in KPI Tile Evaluation