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Hi Friends,

In this blog we will see about Lean Service in Item Hierarchy (Rise with SAP)Cloud


  • Overview about Lean service in Item hierarchy

  • Difference b/w SAP S/4 HANA & Rise with SAP Cloud

  • New field in Purchase Requisition and Purchase order

  • App for Manage service entry sheet

  • Conclusion

  • Reference


Lean Services newly introduced item hierarchy for (Item set & Sub Item set)Purchase Requisition & Purchase order

This document covers procurement of Service material based on item hierarchy.


In S/4 HANA Lean service procurement is handled in manage purchase requisition APP and Service Entry sheet App for item type 2 (Services)

And approvals also can be handled in case of service entry sheet.

Service PR / PO can be created with Service Master ID and also with free text.

Rise With SAP

Service PR is handled by Create Purchase Requisition Advanced APP and it is hosting in Cloud.

The Main difference in Rise with SAP in terms of service PR & PO system will bifurcate the services in Hierarchal manner under the main service.

This will benefit the business to easily accommodate many sub services under one main service.

Ex: Main Service (Maintenance)

Sub Service 1. Air Coolant Service

Sub Service 2. Floor Cleaning

Steps to create Service PR/PO & Service entry sheet.

Step 1:

 Go to Create Purchase Requisition Advanced.

A) Use the below highlighted icon (Create Item set)

Item set = Main service

Provide the main service description in Short text Field

     Note: UOM and Qty in Main service cannot be given as its restricted.

B) Use the below highlighted icon (Create Item Hierarchy )

Create item hierarchy = Sub item service

Provide the Sub service name description

Note: ( Qty,UOM & other Fields etc.) can be given.

C) Product type should be maintained as “2-Service Category

D) Provide other mandatory information as required and click Save.

To Covert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order Process

Step 2:  Create Purchase Order Advanced Fiori App

A) Go to Document overview and adopt save the Purchase order Created.

And the Purchase Order Created.

Step 3 :  Service Entry Sheet Creation

A) Go to Manage Service Entry sheet Fiori APP.

B) And Provide the input field (Name of service entry sheet & Ref PO)

C) Click on add.

D) And Provide the input field (Performance Period , Started Quantity)

And Click on Save.


Now we have successfully procured service material by using item hierarchy.

The lean service Procurement in Rise with SAP Cloud gives more flexibility. when its comes to huge services to be procured.

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To learn more about SAP S/4HANA Lean Service Procurement the below link