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This is my first blogpost and I want to share my knowledge on RTP Process where issuing the transport components to the vendor after completion of GRN.

RTP stands for Returnable Transport Package. There are scenarios where companies receive a material in containers, where containers are supposed to return to vendor, RTP receiving comes into the picture. For example: if a vendor supplies Iron bars to the plant, now plants will only pay for Iron bars, not for the pallets and pallets will be sent back to the vendor.

To show the process to all of you I am going to create the end-to-end process in SAP by creating Materials and vendors etc.

Steps to be followed:

1.Create 2 materials: Oxygen & Cylinder.

2. Create purchase order for Oxygen using ME21N.


3.Complete the GR for the Purchase order which we created.

While completing the GR, click on transport Equipment and enter the materials and withholding materials (Ex: Gas it’s a cylinder and for heavy equipment’s pallets etc.)

Use the movement type 501-M for the returnable components.

4. View the stock in MMBE & MB51

5.After completing the GR process, Return the goods to the vendor by using the movement type 502-M

6.Check the stock again in MMBE

It will show as blank after you issued the stock to the vendor. Then Vendor will take the goods away from the plant at the time of goods receipt or some other time.


As a functional consultant this document helps in understanding how Returnable Transport Package transfers to the vendor after completion of the goods receipt process. The returnable package can be anything like Cylinders, Tins, Pallets and other plastic things to vendor. You can take this as a reference to learn on RTP and Can enhance this as client requirements.

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