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There are instances when user wants to alter sale terms for a material. We can enable the user to enter quantity conversions directly in sales order by configuring relevant condition types. In V/06, go to Changes which can be made section for the condition type and choose Qty relation indicator. User will now be able to directly enter quantity conversions in sales order without maintaining the same in material master.  If sale unit is EA and user wants to specify price per KG, the same can be entered directly in sales order pricing without maintaining conversion in material master. Condition type has to be set with ‘No limitations’ or ‘Manual entry has priority’ along with ‘Qty relation’ as allowed.

I maintained EA as base unit of measure for material and Gross weight as 10 Kg. If I require to change my rate of conversion, I can do so directly in the sales order. I enter price per KG and System prompts user to enter conversions and user can specify, say 1 EA = 25 Kg.

However, there is little control over user input and this can lead to user errors. This can be used where both product pricing & packing is as per demand or sale conducted.