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This BlogPost is about PO Release Strategy. Here we have highlighted PO Release Strategy- Config & Pre-Requisites.

We need to define the parameters to initiate the release strategy. Here I have opted for Document type and Material Group, as an example/ combination for PO Release Strategy.

Most Imp - Structure CEKKO (Communication Release Strategy Determination Purch. Document) displays all fields, using which release strategy can be configured.


We will discuss:

Characteristics, class & config.


1. Characteristics

Characteristics need to be created for the attributes, on which release strategy is dependent.

As an example, we have CEKKO- BSART (Doc Type) & CEKKO- MATKL (Material Group).

  • Run transaction CT04, below screen will appear

  • Enter a characteristic name and click on the Create button

  • Select data type

  • In my case, I wanted to configure the release strategy for 1 document type

  • Selected Single Values in the Value Assignment block

  • Multiple values can be selected for Many document type

  • As displayed below, in the Addnl tab, for Reference to a table field, mention the field name as displayed below. Same as mentioned in the CEKKO structure.

  • As displayed below, in the Restriction tab, mention Class type as “032”

  • Click on the Value tab, mention value for PO Doc type, I have taken standard as NB


  • As below, similarly, create a characteristic for the Material group

  • All screenshots as mentioned below



2. Class

Class needs to be created to club all characteristics as created above for the PO release Strategy.

  • Run transaction CL02 with class-type 032

  • Provide Class description

  • Enter characteristics name as mentioned below for Doc/Order Type & Material Group.



3.Config steps for Release strategy as below –

Path - SPRO: Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Release Procedure for Purchase Orders -> Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders.

  1. Release Groups

  2. Release Codes

  3. Release Indicator

  4. Release Strategies

  5. Workflow


  • First, select Release Group, choose Release Group, below screen will appear

  • Opt new entries & provide description/Name of the Release Group, in my case as “AS”

  • Choose class & provide a description as below.



  • Second, select Release Codes, choose Release Codes, below screen will appear

  • Enter release code against the Release group.

  • Here we have entered 10 & 20 with “10 = A & 20 = B”, as below

  • Opted workflow = 1 (Role resolution with the group, code, and plant).

  • Save it

  • Third, select Release Indicators, choose Release Indicators, below screen will appear

  • Enter Release ID, here I have entered 0 & 1

  • Check the released checkbox for the Release ID where PO shall be released.

  • Changeable value as 6 for PO

  • Value change: After the release of PR, it cannot be changed significantly until the value mentioned.

  • Enter description

  • Fourth, select Release Strategies, choose Release strategies, below screen will appear

  • Click, New Entries button

  • Opt Release group.

  • Now, provide Release strategy and description.

  • As below, Now click on Release prerequisites

  • In the prerequisites screen, select prerequisites for each release code.

  • Here in the screenshot, there is no prerequisite for release code 10, and for release code 20, there is a pre-requisite that release id 10 has to be there.

  • Click, Continue, as below.

  • As below, Now click on Release Statuses

  • No level released, “release indicator” not Released

  • When the first level is released, “release indicator” not Released

  • When both levels are released, PO overall status will be Released.

  • Click, Continue button.

  • As below, Now click on Classification.

  • Select characteristic values, as below.

  • These values are involved in the release strategy.

  • Press the back button & save.

  • Click on workflow

  • The below screen will appear

  • Opt Release group, release code, object type & ID.

  • Displayed as below.

  • SU01 ID displayed as below “Reviewer 1 & Reviewer 2”

  • PO created with Doctype “NB” & Material grp as in release str…

  • Release str triggered, as below



Hopefully, the above blog post provides a brief about, PO Release strategy, its configuration & Pre-requisites have been covered.



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Really detailed post! Thanks for this Aditya!
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Nice blog!!!!
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Thanks Aditya. Very detailed and crisp explaination. Keep posting.
Thank you Aditya for the blog, its very useful.

I have a further question related this blog, my question is, can we configure a smartform for a particular step.

My requirement is to trigger a smartform (PDF) immediately after the final approval.

Could someone please help.
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Good Idea i too need this steps
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