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MRP is the process to guarantee the material/stock availability. This is required to procure or produce the required quantities on time for production/internal purpose or for sales.

Most of the companies used to have a different number range for the MRP PRs irrespective of the plant. But for the companies with many plants may need to identify the procurement proposals by the MRP PR number itself. This document will guide you to have different number ranges for different plants in SAP for MRP process.

Steps to follow

Step 1

Define a new number range

IMG path: Production->Material Requirements Planning->Number Ranges->Define Number Ranges for Planning Run     TCode – OMDN

Select ‘Intervals’ under ‘Purchase Requisitions’. Click on ‘Change interval’ button. From the next window click on ‘New item’ icon and define the new number range there with a proper sequence.

Define the number ranges according to your plants. (If you have 10 plants, you have to define ten new number ranges.)

Step 2

Assign number ranges to plants

IMG path: Production->Material Requirements Planning->Number Ranges->Define Number Ranges for Planning Run

Select ‘Number ranges’ under ‘Purchase Requisitions’. All the plants will be listed down there and will show the default number range assignment for the planning run. Go to the change mode and Select the particular plant and edit the number range. Save the changes.

Here I have provided a different number range(07) for ‘plant 1’ and kept the remaining configurations same for the other plants. Save the changes.

Step 3

Run the MRP and check the results.

For plant 1

For plant 2

You can see two different number ranges applied during the MRP run depending on the plants.

Eg: Plant 1 MRP PR # : 100000021

      Plant 2 MRP PR # : 10003502


This configuration will overwrite the entries defined under ‘Purchasing’.

Copyright © Buddhika Udayanga

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How can we achieve the same according to PR document type.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Sampath,

You can define the number range for any PR doc type. It is the standard functionality in SAP.

If you need further help on this, please contact me.

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