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In standard SAP, we have the output type SPER to delete related inbound delivery document after we cancel the PGI for the outbound delivery document of inter-company STO.


See below demonstration.


  1. The definition of output type SPER.

2,We assign this output type to output determination procedure V10000.

The requirement for SPER is 409.

3, The Output Procedure V10000 was assigned delivery type NLCC.

4, Maintain the condition record for SPER using VV21.

5,Assign the goods receipt point for the plant/storage combination.

6, Define confirmation control key.

confirmation control key Z004,

Make sure that the check box GR-Relevant and GR Assignment Key are both selected.

7, Create STO document to see the effect.

STO document# 4500000769

VL10B to create outbound delivery document 80000803,

VL02N to do PGI for this delivery,

Inbound delivery 180000189 triggered.

Now VL09 to cancel the PGI for this delivery,

Erros Msg:Inbound delivery 180000189 is not deleted yet; Cancellation not possible



8, Then I go to menu Extras -> Delivery Output -> Header and enter the output type SPER manually for this outbound delivery,


After that run VL09 the inbound delivery is deleted automatically,

Check the inbound delivery in the STO document,

The inbound delivery document was deleted automatically!



9, So from my opinion, the output SPER is not user friendly. Many SAP projects don't use it.


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