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The following blog post is a submission for SAP Business One SEED Development Challenge.

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Ocular Solution Demo Video:

Ocular Solution Demo URL: VideoLink

Submission Details

Solution Name: Ocular

Solution Description:

Ocular is solution for optical retailers to easily manage both prescription and non-prescription
sales using comprehensive optical master data management processes.
When it comes to prescription glasses in particular, stores can record the technical data relating to
frames, lenses and contact lenses, and seamlessly link these details to the relevant customer prescription.

Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

The Optical Retail industry is highly fragmented but concentrated at the top: 70 percent of companies operate a single store, but about a 100 chains operate more than 20 and account for 1/3 of industry revenue. 

The profitability of an Optical Retail Store depends on efficient operations and whether or  not they have an optometrist practices in addition to selling glasses and contact lenses.

The Optical Retail industry is one of the few industries which offer products & services spanning from being a necessity to luxury – all depending whether you need glasses / lenses for reading or shades.

Fast changing fashion trends, an extremely cost sensitive consumer, stiff competition from departmental store with well-appointed optical departments; as well as general merchandise discounters such as Wal-Mart, exert additional pressure on the optical retailer to remain competitive.

As a business, an Optical Retailer is faced with the challenge to:

  • Keep in touch with the fashion industry – ensuring that the stores have the right mix of styles, colors and sizes

  • Manage inventory levels cautiously and judiciously

  • Periodically run promotions & campaigns to increase footfall and decrease slow moving items

  • Remain closer to the consumer and analyze his needs, preferences, and overall sales trends.

Operationally the retailer is faced with the challenge to:

  • Maintain and manage Optometrist Setup and Scheduling

  • Track Prescription and Non- prescription Sales

  • Schedule Exam Appointments

  • Advanced After Sales Service Module

Such a balance requires an integrated business management solution that allows flexibility to cater to the diverse & unique demands of Optical Retailers. An Optical Retail Software that seamlessly integrates all business processes from the Optometrist and Sales Officer at store to the planners at the Head Office lowering the overall cost of operations, simplifying expansion and enabling the Optical Retailer maintain his unique proposition and positioning.

Persona Identified:


Pain Points:

  • Maintain and manage Optometrist Setup and Scheduling

  • Track Prescription and Non- prescription Sales

  • Schedule Exam Appointments

  • Advanced After Sales Service Module


Solution Details:

Master Data Management encompasses:
1. Lens Categories including bifocals, progressive and single vision.
2. Lens Type captures values like asphere, natural, ovation and accolade.
3. Lens Material details the lens material, for example, glass, plastic, tirvex and polycarbonate.
4. Lens Color shows a master list of tints and gradients for add-ons, line frame clips, lenses and contact
5. lenses. Tints come in solids, gradients or double gradients; popular tints include grey, brown, blue and aqua.
6. The application also captures frame shape types such as aviator, round and oval including industry specific attributes like frame A box and B box.
7. Lens Treatment Mapping maintains comprehensive mapping between lens type, lens material and lens
8. color for anti-reflective, scratch resistant or tinted treatments.

Ocular captures specific prescription details such as sph, cyl, axis, add, pupillary distance and prism with direction to qualify each lens accurately.

Lens specification follows a step-by-step process using Rx details in order to identify the item code that matches the prescription. Multiple pair details can be saved for each customer as prescribed. The application also has comprehensive optical validations to ensure error free data

Contact lenses are manufactured with predefined optical attributes. Using Ocular each lens is selected by vendor, followed by brand and finally by prescription values to obtain the correct lens code for the purchase. This step-by-step process ensures that lenses are accurately identified.

Solution Technology

Technologies used - HANA Service Layer, XSJS, HTML and Bootstrap

3rd Party Integrations :- mPesa (digital currency), Smart (online insurance claim process), ETR (Tool to upload sales to Kenya revenue authority)

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:

Optical retail and Wholesale

Marketing strategy:

  1. Collaborate with Partners and Build Channels

  2. Run Social media campaigns and Customer Events

Road Map

  1. Converting Web App to Mobile App

  2. Independent E-Commerce Platform

  3. End customer Mobile App

  4. Opthemary Machine Integration

Contact Information

Partner: Vestrics Solutions Pvt Ltd

Country: India

Team Name: Ocular Team

Team Members: Venkata Siva Reddy, Narayan Reddy, Meghanath, Kartheek, Kamalakar, Sarath and Nitin

SEED_Nominate.png SEED_Nominate_GC.png