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This document is about the field marked below in the  IK01 transaction screen. I'm sure many of us have noticed this, but yet to explore .

Let's consider TWO Dumpers as Equipments and their Tyres as Sub-Equipments for our Demo:

Two Dumpers, with SAP Equipment Ids V-1000 and V-1001, each having 6 Tyres as shown above.

V-1000 with tyres say TYRE0001, TYRE0002, TYRE0003, TYRE0004, TYRE0005, TYRE0006


V-1001 with tyres say TYRE0007, TYRE0008, TYRE0009, TYRE0010, TYRE0011, TYRE0012

(External numbering is used for easy understanding)

Each Dumper above has a meter showing the number of hours it operated.

The Objective

When we record a reading from the above meter  in the SAP system (using IK11, on a Measuring point), the counters of the 6 Tyres installed in this vehicle at this time, shall be automatically updated.

This means when we create one measuring document on the vehicle, system should create a total of 7 (1 + 6) , measuring documents so that the usage hours flow from the Vehicle counter  to the Tyre counter.

And then, when a Tyre is dismantled from one vehicle and installed in the other, the Tyre counter should derive its own usage hours from the present vehicle counter readings.

Let’s see how this happens:


Preparing the Masterdata:

First let’s  have a characteristic RUNNINGHOUR as shown below (Tcode CT04).

Using this characteristic RUNNINGHOUR, let us create the measuring points, on the Vehicles first.



Now we need to create measuring points on all the Tyres. A sample screen is …

Compare the measuring point screen of Vehicle and the Tyre. The difference is the Red Box.

Remember all these measuring points are based on characteristic RUNNINGHOUR.

So we create 12 measuring points in a similar way, one for each Tyre.

Below is the IK07 screen,  where you can see at a glance, the measuring points we have created.

Notice that Transfer support ‘X’ mark is there for all the 12 Measuring points of Tyres.

Now install Tyres under the Dumpers  V-1000 and V-1001 (Superior Equipment), using Tcode IE02.


Tyre: TYRE0001.

When we try to define the Superord. Equipment as V-1000 (in the Structure Tab of IE02 )  wel get this screen.

System is asking for your confirmation for Transfer of Readings from the Superord.Equipment (V-1000 in this case) to the Tyre (TYRE0001).

Click on Copy  and Save the Equipment master.

In a similar way install all the Tyres under the respective Dumpers.

As mentioned above, the initial set-up will have is:

Dumper V-1000 as SuperOrd. Equipment for Tyres TYRE0001 to TYRE0006 and

Dumper V-1001 as SuperOrd. Equipment for Tyres TYRE0007 to TYRE0012.

Everytime we need to confirm Copy during Equipment installing under the Superord. Equipment.

Now the following is the Equipment tree we have just made.

The Masterdata preparation is completed.

End of Part1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Create Documents and understand the working of Transfer Support.

It is time now to see what happens when we record Dumper Hour Meter readings through IK11.

Create a measuring document on measuring point 3113 (Equipment Tyre0001), with reading 1000.

Let’s assume that the Dumper V-1000 operated for 1000 hours and its meter is showing a value 1000 Hours. We now create a measuring document to record this value.


Remember that we get the Cumulative Operating Hours from the Dumper Meter. So, we need to put this reading in the Counter Reading field of the IK11 screen.

When we save this document, we  see this message on the task bar.

This is exactly what we expect from the system. As explained above 1 document is what we have created just now and the other 6  documents are automatically created for the Tyres. This means the Usage Hour counter for all the 6 Tyres started with their first reading as 1000 hours.

Likewise when we create a document with value 500 hours for Dumper V-1001 (Measuring point 3114). Measuring documents are automatically created for Tyres TYRE0007 to TYRE0012, with this reading of 500 hours.

End of Part2a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Let’s now see what happens when Tyres are relocated from one vehicle to the other.

We will examine a case of TYRE0004 is dismantled from Dumper V-1000 and installed in V-1001.

And TYRE0009  is dismantled from Dumper V-1001 and installed in V-1000.

When we try to dismantle TYRE0004 from V-1000 through Tcode IE02, we get this warning message.

We can understand what the message says, It is stopping Reading transfer for this equipment (TYRE0004) from V-1000.

We continue and give value V-10001 in the Superord. Equipment field. Now we get this screen (already seen before once), asking for confirmation to establish transfer relation with the new Superord. Equipment.

We continue by clicking on Copy and Save the Equipment master.

Repeat the same for dismantling Equipment Tyre0009 from V-1001 and installing it in V-1000.

See the new structure, notice the change in the places of swapped tyres.

Now we create measuring documents on Vehicles.

I have created a document with reading 1450 hours on V-1000 (Measuring point 3113) and a document with reading 1850 hours on V-1001 Measuring point 3114).

Now see the IK17 screen below in the sequential order of Document creation.

The upper half (Green) is before the Tyre swaps, and the lower half is after.

Give special attention to Swapped Tyres (TYRE0004 and TYRE0009) to observe the system intelligence, in transfer of readings during Sub Equipment relocations.

For better understanding Equipment-wise sorted list of above is attached herewith.

End of Part2b ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


One more thing that happens in the system background during this process was not shown in pictures above.

That is when we click Copy during Equipment installation under a Superord. Equipment in IE02, some changes happen in Measuring Point data (obviously),

i.e. in IK03 screen, which is shown in the field marked below.

As soon as we install TYRE0001 under V-1000, the field marked above is filled with the measuring point of V-1000.

Similarly this field is updated whenever Equipments are relocated from one place to other.


In this demo Equipment – Sub Equipment scenario has been dealt.

This document is valid for Functional Location –Equipment Scenario also.

Concluding Remarks

Here, a vehicle scenario has been taken for demonstration of this Measurement Reading Transfer Support functionality of SAP. It is believed that there will be several other applications requiring this feature.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K

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