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Hello SAP folks,


  • In our blog, we will cover the steps required to perform reservation and Goods issue against the production order by the material staging in SAP S/4 Hana.

Material Staging:

  • Material staging in SAP is the process of moving raw materials or semi-finished goods from storage to a manufacturing or assembly location. It involves gathering production items to be ready at a specific time and quantity.


Step By step process flow:

Tile Name – Stage material for production


  • Click on this tile to perform the Material staging for production order.

Material staging for production order

  • In this Screen first Enter the Plant, go to Global setting.

Define Replenishment Option

  • Here Determine the Replenishment option as Stock transfer.

Define Dialog control

  • After that, move to the dialog control tab to define the Dialog steps,

  • Here change the stage replenishment proposals as D- Automatic and click the tick option.

Material Staging for Production order

  • First we need to select the Selection horizon for requirement date.

  • Now we select the Production/process order tab, here enter the production order number and click on the Execute button.

Pull list -Storage location level

  • In this screen, the system will through the total requirements line item which are the missing parts in production order.

  • Once you check the details, select all the line items and click the Replenishment proposals button.

Replenishment proposal

  • Once select the Replenishment proposal, click replenishment elements, now the system will automatically fetch the Staged qty from production order.

Replenishment Elements

  • After that, select the line items Enter the Replenishment storage location manually.

Replenishment Storage location

  • If all the line items are maintained in same storage location, click on mass change button and enter the storage location.

Mass change -Storage location

  • Here we enter the Replenishment storage location And Select the tick option.

Stage materials

  • Now select the line item and click the stage button, if it contains any Errors, system through notification, otherwise we can Save the staging.

Material Document posted -311 mvt type

  • After saving the material staging, material document number was generated for 311 movement type of transfer posting.



  • we have covered the steps required to perform reservation and Goods issue against the production order by the material staging in SAP S/4 Hana.


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Veera Manikandan

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud PP-QM Consultant.



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