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1. MASSOBJTYP - BUS2015 will not be having Purchase Requisition deletion indicator field:

1.1 Execute Transaction Code – MASS 

1.2 From the Mass Maintenance screen below, enter the Purchase requisition Business object number as BUS2015. 


1.3 Click execute button,

1.4 From the below screen, select the purchase requisition. 


1.5 Click execute button.

1.6 From the Mass maintenance: purchase requisition screen, enter the purchase requisition to be deleted.


1.7 Click execute button.

1.8 From the next screen shown below, click on the select fields button.


1.9 From the select fields pop up window, we can see there is no deletion indicator field to be selected. 



2. Adding Deletion indicator field in structure MASSFLDLST:

To add the deletion indicator field in select fields popup window, 

2.1 Execute Transaction code – MASSOBJ, 

2.2 Click on the BUS2105 (Business object of Purchase requisition) object value and double click on the Application tables 


 2.3 Select the EBAN table and click on the Field list, 


2.4 Click New entry and enter the table name - EBAN, field name - LOEKZ.



3. Mass Deletion of Purchase Requisitions:

3.1 Now again execute transaction - MASS, Select PR and execute and enter the PR numbers which needs to be deleted as explained in section 1, Deletion indicator field will be now available. 

3.2 click on the deletion indicator field and click on choose button as shown below. 


3.3 Enter the deletion indicator field’s value as “L”, 


3.4 Click on the save button. 

3.5 From the below update message screen, we can see for all the 5 PRs, deletion indicator has been set. 


3.6 After setting deletion indicator as “L”. In the EBAN table we can see the deletion indicator field set as “L”. 







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