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With S/4HANA 2022, we have got a new fiori app "Maintain Translations". This app helps in translating Key User object type texts to different languages.

The object types which are supported for translations include:

  • Software collections

  • Custom CDS views

  • Custom analytical queries

The translation process flow using this app will be like below


Let's have a quick look on these steps for one of the object. In this case , I just created a test CDS view using "Custom CDS View" app and will translate the text element from English to German.

Let's jump into the app "Maintain Translations" and see how we can translate text related to this custom CDS view.

Open the app and the landing page will be like below if it is being opened for the first time i.e. with no translation project existing. Click on "+" to create a new project.

Enter the Project general information including Project type ( can be Developer extensibility or Key User  Extensibility), Identifier , Name and description.

Under the Text Sources section, add the objects for which texts to be translated. In this case, i have selected the custom CDS view which i created for demo purpose.

Next , we need to create translations where we need to specify the source and target language.

Now, we can download the translation file by clicking on the "Download" button. A file with .xlf extension having all the source texts, which needs a translation, will be downloaded .

Next, the downloaded file can be shared with the translator to update the file with text in target language as shown below.

Once ready with updated translated file, the same can be uploaded in system using the upload " button".

Finally, Publish the uploaded translations by click "Publish" and with the we are done.

We can verify the uploaded translation in SE63 as shown below.

So, with this we saw , how easy it is to maintain translation for Key User and Developer Extensibility objects using " Maintain Translations" app.


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