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Overview of the solution 

As you know in SAP KANBAN production process, SAP have provided KANBAN calculation functions, but when you bring those solution to client especially for one of biggest Japan OEM's  suppliers, they will unanimously request you to adopt "CYCLE"(サイクル) in KANBAN calculations process for external procurement KANBAN, it is always become biggest challenges which we bring SAP to Japan automotive suppliers, until we have successfully implement our original solutions using S/4 HANA key user extensibility tools.

What is the requirements ?

The supplier during the external procurement planning and execution, they have the  common word called as "CYCLE" and defined as "a-b-c", the "a" stands for delivery frequencies defined by unit of measure by Day, for example, if it is delivery by daily basis then the values is 1.  the next "b" means the number of picking up times during the "a" period, and last one "c" is delayed picking up times count from delivery KANBAN receipted. for instance if the "CYCLE" defines as "1-4-2" which means procurement execution will performed 4 times in a day and issued returnable KANBAN will retuned as after 2 picking up times to issuers. depends on "CYCLE" definition, it will give number of KANBAN calculation formula as described below.

number of KANBAN = Smoothed Requirements   *  KANBAN coefficient  /  Quantities per KANBAN

KANBAN Coefficient =  a*(c+1) / b + safety factor

as you see there are huge gaps between SAP standard KANBAN Calculation formula, we are not able to adopt SAP standard KANBAN Calculation logic without "CYCLE" definition in control cycle master as a input fields.

SAP KANBAN Calculation logic please refer below sap help link https://help.sap.com/saphelp_me60/helpdata/en/e7/5fbd534f22b44ce10000000a174cb4/content.htm?no_cache...

Delivered solution in S/4 HANA Using Key-User extensibility Tools

1. Add custom fields a-b-c and safety factor in KANBAN control cycle master.

S/4 HANA have provide very excellent enhancement tools which is key user extensibility approach that is really impressive tools compared classic enhancement methods such as user-exit, BADI before. you can just make few steps in extensibility Fiori then the custom fields which client required will be in PKMC master screen both on Fiori and SAP GUI as well as in control cycle master PKHD table.  there are lot of sap blogs posted already you can take reference for implementation if you need .

Control Cycle Master in Fiori

Control Cycle Master in SAP GUI

Control Cycle Master in Table PKHD

2. Implemented Calculation formula in user-exit

after we get "CYCLE" Custom fields on PKMC Screen, then we can easily implement User exit  "MPKC0001"  to put above calculation logic in it. cause all of the quantity requirements and control cycle master data PKHD include custom fields are available in the user-exit function module.

User-Exit MPKC001


After above implementation, the standard KANBAN calculation will performed as a client requirement below.

welcome for any comments and questions.

KANBAN Calculation Result in  Graphic View

KANBAN Calculation Result in Table View