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In this document, I will explain the details of the Intercompany sales process along with the configuration steps.

Intercompany – Company codes of the same organization

Sales – Selling of goods from one company code to another company code of the same organization. 

Customer 1000 & Material 5000
Company Code 1234 Company Code ABCD
Sales Org 1234 Sales Org ABCD
Plant P123 Plant PABC

  1. Customer 1000 punch an order to Sales org 1234 for the material 5000

  2. Sales org 1234 find the material 5000 is not available in plant P123

  3. Sales org 1234 decides to purchase the material 5000 from Plant PABC of Sales org ABCD

  4. Since Company Code 1234 and Company Code ABCD belong to the same organization the above movement refers as Intercompany process in SAP

Hence Receiving sales org will be 1234 and suppling Sales org will be ABCD. Mentioned below the configuration steps to implement the above business process.

Configuration Steps :

STEP 1: Intercompany Document type

Assign Intercompany document type to Sales document types in order to use the Intercompany sales process

Path: SPRO – IMG- Sales and Distribution –Billing-Intercompany Billing – Define Order types for Intercompany billing

STEP 2: Plant Assignment

i) Assign Supplying plant to Suppling sales area (i.e.,) PABC plant will be assigned to ABCD AB AB sales area. This would be done in enterprise structure assignment and the same can be seen in the below path.

Path: SPRO – IMG- Sales and Distribution –Billing-Intercompany Billing –Define Organizational Units by Plant

ii)Assign the Supplying plant to receiving Sales Org and Distribution Channel.(i.e.,) PABC plant will be assigned to 1234 12 12 sales area

Path: SPRO- IMG- Enterprise Structure-Assignment- Sales and Distribution-Assign Sales Organisation-distribution channel-plant

STEP 3: Internal Customer Creation

i) Since Sales Org 1234 is requesting the Sales org ABCD to deliver the material, Sales Org 1234 will become a customer to Sales Org ABCD. Hence create Customer XYZ in sales org ABCD

XD01 – XYZ for ABCD AB AB Sales area

ii)Assign the created customer XYZ to sales org 1234

Path: SPRO – IMG- Sales and Distribution –Billing-Intercompany Billing –Define Internal customer number by the Sales organization

Conclusion :

This completes the configuration steps for Intercompany Process.

Now the Sales org 1234 will be able to supply the material from PABC plant to end customer