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The second integration package for integrating SAP HCM and SuccessFactors – Integration Add-on for SAP ERP Human Capital Management and SuccessFactors Business Execution 2.0 – was released for Ramp Up on SAP Service Marketplace on March 13th, running until mid-July. The first package introduced one-way employee and organizational data transfer from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors and bi-directional compensation data transfer to support Hybrid model Talent Management processes. Extractors for analytics data to SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics to support workforce planning and workforce analytics were also included. A brief overview of all of the packages and the strategy for integration can be found in my blog SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Integration Packages: a brief overview.

The Package

The integration package builds on functionality that has been delivered previously and introduces integration for the attract-to-hire recruiting process. It provides customers of SuccessFactors Recruiting with the ability to perform Hiring Actions in SAP with data from completed Job Requisitions from SuccessFactors Recruiting. The process leverage middleware only (e.g. CSV file upload is not available).

The add-on provides transfer and mapping of 32 fields used with 4 objects in SuccessFactors Recruiting. Only 19 of these fields are mapped to SAP HCM fields and are used in the Hiring Action process – the remaining fields are used to provide a PDF overview of the Job Requisition. However, there is scope to map additional fields if required.

The package itself comprises of ESR content for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (NWPI) and the reports, function modules, and BAdIs to perform the integration activities. As with the previous packages, the integration process is started from SAP. And unlike previous packages, some additional configuration is required on the SuccessFactors side.

Process Flow

The add-on provides process integration with the following process flow:

In more detail, the process steps are:

  1. The Status of the Job Requisition is set to SendToSAP in SuccessFactors Recruiting
  2. Data import is initiated from SAP HCM using report RH_SFI_IMPORT_RECRUITING_DATA (either manually or as a scheduled job) for all Job Requisitions marked with the Status SendToSAP
  3. SAP HCM sends data to SuccessFactors Recruiting to update the Status of the Job Requisition to either TransferredToSAP or TransferredToSAPError
  4. Imported data is processed in transaction HRSFI_RCT_HIRE (report RH_SFI_RECRUIT_PROCESS_APPL)
  5. A Hiring Action is initiated in transaction HRSFI_RCT_HIRE and performed in transaction PA40
  6. SAP HCM sends data to SuccessFactors Recruiting to update the Status of the Job Requisition to HiredAtSAP

Report RH_SFI_IMPORT_RECRUITING_DATA is fairly straightforward and can be scheduled using a variant. Below you can see the selection screen when running the report in transaction SE38.

Transaction HRSFI_RCT_HIRE (report RH_SFI_RECRUIT_PROCESS_APPL) is used by HR administrator or hiring administrators to process the Job Requisition data. This involves correcting data, finding possible duplicates, and launching a Hiring Action to hire the individual from the Job Requisition into SAP HCM. The program can be seen below.

If a Job Requisition is missing required data (Country Grouping and Personnel Action type) or if an individual has possible matching Personnel numbers then the Job Requisition will have a red light in the Check column and the Status will be To Be Checked. The Job Requisition can then be selected and opened to correct the missing data and/or select the individual or any potential duplicate employees that the system has found. Duplicates are identified based on first name, last name, and date of birth.

Job Requisitions that have a green light in the Check column can be processed using the Start Action button. This will launch a Hiring Action in transaction PA40 for the Personnel Action type defined in the Job Requisition (or corrected, as above) and will pre-fill data in the Hiring Action in the Create Actions screen, Personnel Data screen, and Create Addresses screen. This data, by standard, includes start date, position ID, Personnel Area, Employee Group, Employee Subgroup, first name, last name, and address details. Once the Hiring Action is complete then the record will be removed from the list of Job Requisitions in transaction HRSFI_RCT_HIRE.

Previously completed Job Requisitions can be viewed using the Show Completed button. Any applications that, for some reason, require a manual Hiring Action can also be marked as completed using the Completed button. A PDF overview of a Job Requisition can also be displayed and contains a substantial amount of detail. It is worth noting that a number of fields transferred from SuccessFactors Recruiting for the PDF overview document are not used for any other purpose.

Configuration and Setup

This package requires configuration activities on both the SuccessFactors side and the SAP side. Most of the SAP configuration is within the IMG under Personnel Management > Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX > Integration Scenario For Recruiting Data.

In SuccessFactors, an Ad-Hoc Report needs to be created with the necessary fields for the data transfer. The ID of this Ad-Hoc Report is then imported into SAP using report RH_SFI_SYNCH_METADATA. Please note that any time the Ad-Hoc Report is changed this report must be re-run.

Also in SuccessFactors there are several settings that need to be made, including making the sapError field available for the JobApplication object and defining the four statuses (SendToSAP, TransferredToSAP, TransferredToSAPError, and HiredAtSAP) used for the Application Status field.

In the IMG, the following customizing activities need to be performed:

  • Map the imported Ad-Hoc Report to field sets (customizing activity Assign SuccessFactors BizX Objects to Field Sets or transaction S_NWC_37000012) *
  • Define the fields in the field sets to be used, their mapping mode, whether they are required, and whether they are country group dependent (customizing activity Define Fields for Importing Data from SuccessFactors BizX)
  • Map fields in the field set to SAP HCM fields (customizing activity BAdI: Mapping of SFSF Fields to SAP ERP Infotype Fields)
  • Map fields that can be mapped to more than one field in SAP HCM (customizing activity BAdI: Mapping of SFSF Fields to ERP IT Fields: Change of Mapping Result)

*Note that this activity is not transportable

Once this configuration has been completed then the add-on is ready to use.

Support Packages

Support Package 1 will be purely bug fixes. Support Package 2 will introduce additional process integration content for the define-to-hire process. This introduces the triggering of a requisition creation in SuccessFactors Recruiting based on the information of a vacant position in SAP HCM.

There may be further Support Packages released for this iFlow, but it is likely that they will provide bug fixes rather than introduce any further functionality.


SAP have delivered the first of 2 integration packages to enable parts of the Recruiting process in SuccessFactors Recruiting to be integrated into an on-premise core HR hiring process. This package provides a simple and effective process for managing the hiring process in both SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP HCM. Although there is some setup required on both the SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP HCM side, the operation of the package is straightforward and easy-to-use for hiring managers and HR professionals who are responsible for hiring new staff.

Future integration for the define-to-hire process and also with SuccessFactors Onboarding and SAP Jam (for the social onboarding process) will provide additional benefits. In the meantime SAP have provided a comprehensive integration package for the Hybrid model to ensure that candidates sourced in SuccessFactors Recruiting can be hired into the SAP HCM system of record.

Further Reading

Since this is largely an overview of the add-on, further detail can be found in this SAP presentation on SAP Service Marketplace (S-User required) and on the SAP Online Help website. In-depth detail on the add-on and configuration steps can be found in the forthcoming SAP PRESS book SuccessFactors for SAP ERP HCM, due out in September 2013.

*Updated information on the Support Packages for the Integration Add-on:

Integration Add-on 2.0 for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors: Support Package 2

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