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With release upgrade 17.08 of SAP Business ByDesign the HTML5 user interface is ready to use the System more efficiently. The included launchpad offers the possibility to optimize your own Performance.

Die deutsche Version des Blogs ist hier verfügbar.

The transition from Silverlight to HTML5

It's in the nature of things to go the usual way, therefore, changes are judged more critically. But currently when switching from Silverlight to HTML5, no one can claim "In former times it was better". And just through the release planning of Silverlight some customers were already slowly impatient. For one of our customers, the infrastructure partner has already switched off Silverlight, which has caused a small outcry, because after restart, they couldn't use their system.
With 1708 and the "Final Demo" presented by Rainer Zinow, SAP has given the signal to switch to the HTML5 interface.


SAP recommends using Chrome version 45 or higher, but you can also use Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox 43 or higher or Safari (latest version) which means more freedom in browser selection again (system requirements).

The Fiori surface not only improves the feeling of being more modern, because additionally to the general improved system performance you can also increase your own performance considerably. The Launchpad, the new color schemes, workcenter icons and the personal task and change management help.

Previously, you could only work at one work center in Silverlight, constantly changing the views and leaving precious time to wait until the mask was loaded. Smart users have opened the system in several windows to use several work center views at the same time, but it stained the Silverlight cache, the performance of the computer and the sytem Performance, too. In addition, depending on the authorization, you always had to scroll or search until you have opened its view.

Working with the launchpad

With the Launchpad and the background that you are usually in the same views, you can easily do this in one window, without constantly switching between views and workcenters. You can activate quick links to the respective views and common tasks in the same way as the favorites in Silverlight and additonally you can add quick links to the respective tiles of the views, as seen in each work center overview.

In addition, you can also rename the quick links, so you know directly where do you jump.

Example of daily work

Now, with the example of my daily work as a project team member and also project manager, I show what SAP provides and what can be made of it.

The Launchpad looks rather boring at the beginning and you could keep it for the crushed home view without reports.

As soon as you have several workspaces, it makes sense to divide the tiles into different groups. While editing the given groups, you can create new groups directly.

I prefer the distinction between my general tasks, such as system tasks, time recording, expense reporting (which unfortunately only exist with the authorization for project team / project management as a common task), as well as project manager tasks, such as planning, approvals, billing.

To save time I overwrite the Group of "work: inbox", delete some tiles and add the mentioned. The new group get some tiles, views, common tasks and after a few shifts and text adaptions, the launchpad is ready, so my workday can start:

I verify my project planning, open the resources search, plan the resources, check the approvals for time and expenses and then record my times. All views and tasks I see below in my menu bar and can jump again and again or jump by clicking on "My Launchpad" from the masks. So I save a lot of time because I do not have to change a work center.


Summing up, you can perform the same tasks in HTML5 faster and more clearly than in Silverlight, because you use one window and avoid loading time.