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Efficient SAP role management for the migration cockpit

In the context of the migration cockpit, SAP roles are used as a basis to ensure smooth data migration. Key roles such as SAP_CA_DMC_MC_USER provide basic access rights for standard functions, while SAP_BR_CONFIG_EXPERT_DATA_MIG enables experienced users to optimally customize Fiori applications. The SAP_CA_DMC_MC_DEVELOPER role is essential for more extensive customizations and developments in the SAP system. Targeted role management ensures the efficiency of the migration process and enables successful data migration. I have added the roles to my user via transaction SU01.

After successfully assigning the roles, the app appears in the Fiori Launchpad.


The app cannot yet be used here as the system is not yet configured for this. The following steps have been carried out for this.

System changeability

In order to carry out the required customizing, it is necessary to set the system changeability for the "USER INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY" to changeable.









  1. Enter transaction /n/iwfnd/gw_client to open “SAP Gateway Client”
  1. In the field “Request URI”, enter “/sap/opu/odata/LTB/MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV/$metadata” and choose the “Execute” button




  1. If the system returns the status code 403 and the error message “No Service found for namespace ‘/LTB/’, name ‘MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV’, version ’0001’”, continue with step 2 below. If the system returns the status code is 200, proceed to step 6 below to add the missing system alias.


2, Enter transaction /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE to open “Activate and Maintain Services”. Choose the “Add Service” button





3, Locate the service “MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV”. You can use the following filter criteria to do this if required:

  • System Alias: LOCAL
  • External Service Name: MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV

4, Select the line with external service name “MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV” and choose the “Add Selected Services” button.


5, In the “Add Service” dialog, enter the following information:

  • Technical Model Name: ZMIG_MC_ODATA_MDL
  • Package Assignment: $TMP/ZBOND







6, The OData Service “MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV” should now be configured correctly. Ensure that the “System Alias” is specified (see screenshot below). If the system alias is missing, choose the “Add System Alias” button add the system alias.  





When the migration cockpit is executed for the first time, an update must be downloaded from SAP. To do this, the report cnv_pe_mc_load_objects is executed in SE38.


Tables were copied and created. The template is client 000. 







The error message in the app has disappeared and the app can be used.


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