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In my experience of multiple implementations I have come across many scenarios like adding some delta company codes that were not in the initial scope and addition of new company codes that was going live in source system post CFIN go-live. In this blog I am going to explain on what actions have to be taken in both the scenarios.

Case 1: A company code which is active in source but was not included in the initial scope.

In this scenario we will have to perform a complete initial load for FI, CO and PCA (if applicable). Reason being for active company codes there are balances, open items and movements that will be posted in the month of go-live. I am not going to explain the steps in detail as there are very good documentation that is already available in multiple forums. Following Initial load, we have to perform the RTR for these company codes and make sure to mark the IL finished flag in VCFIN_SOURCE_SET


Case 2: Onboarding a new company code going live to CFIN


There will be many in-flight projects and future company codes that can be added to the source systems which is already integrated with CFIN system and there is active real time replication from source system. In this case there is no need to run an initial load as there is no data posted to the company code and the step to enable replication/recording is quite simple. All we have to do is to add the company code to the vcfin_source_set table and mark the IL complete flag. This setting will indicate the source system to activate the recording.

Please make sure to do other settings applicable for the source systems like maintain VCFIN_COGS_RELEV table if COPA is active.


  • In CFIN, go to CFINIMG and Add company code in CFIN under PCA replication->Settings for company code

  • In source Maintain the entry for the company code CFIN_SOURCE_PCA

  • Execute the transaction FIN_CFIN_PCA_ACTIVAT to activate the transfer in source system ( Posting period variant needs to be maintained in source & current period should be open )


For CO as the replication is at controlling area level, you will have to run preparation step in CFIN and just add the company code to SLT filter if any.

All these steps have to be complete in source system before you start any cutover activities which helps in saving a lot of effort and simplifies the process. Another learning based on my experience is that you can align the testing of CFIN replication with Source system testing timelines so that effort & time spent on additional testing can be saved.