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This was a recent webcast from SAP's Jan Meyer.

Source: SAP

Figure 1 Source: SAP

Jan is the head of learning systems at SAP with a new mandate - internal, external, and community learning

Source: SAP

Opportunities, challenges, provide learning to external learning

Simplify discovery and learning at SAP

Update experience from content perspective

After this last year, consumption of digital learning has soared, both on Open SAP and Learning Hub

Source: SAP

See learning as unprioritized

Falls off the back

Especially in transformation times, innovation cycles faster

Source: SAP

Learning needs to happen continuously

Recognize need for continuous learning

Importance and impact of learning shown on this slide - culture, productivity

Source: SAP

IDC study of benefits of SAP training

SAP Learning Hub to develop knowledge, skills, certification - running on SuccessFactors Learning

Receive updates every 90 days from SuccessFactors learning

Source: SAP

Line of business, IT, extend the core, intelligent technologies

It is not just S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, integration between products

Source: SAP

Customer who moved from ECC to S/4HANA

Rethink process, make faster, better

61 different innovation areas, 8 lines of business

Short term, mid term, long term; from a learning perspective, provide things like predictive accounting, build into learning journeys

Source: SAP

Learning journeys are role based, visualizations of learning paths

Where start, what do next, to achieve learning goal/objective

200+ learning journeys

High satisfaction

Want them to be more role specific, cater to more roles in the future

Possibly some for leaders, business process owners

Available at help.sap.com and when you subscribe to learning hub, same learning journeys are there

Source: SAP

The Open SAP program

Enterprise MOOCs free of charge, just need an email address

Courses on latest SAP innovations

Does not cover entire SAP portfolio, but a starting point for many SAP solutions

Source: SAP

Learning Hub is the platform for professional learning skills

Subscription based model

Different learning hub editions depending on objectives

Provides 24x7 access to learning content

Access to Learning Rooms; Jan says they are the "heart of the learning hub"

Learning Rooms meet the peers and instructors

Social peer to peer learning environment

Added instructor live sessions on topics; helps with knowledge and self study; news, updates, or something complicated

Source: SAP

Certification: "drivers license for SAP products"

Launched program for partners to certify consultants

Partner Learning Hub edition

Stay part of the stay current program to keep skills up to date

Source: SAP

Instructor lead training

Subject matter experts in their own field, connected with SAP Product Management

They develop learning journeys and content

Q2/2020, transformed physical training to virtual

Source: SAP

Training services available

Source: SAP

Tool for digital adoption

Pre integrated in many solutions, all the cloud solutions

Provides baseline, "art of the possible"

Source: SAP

Game, played on a live S/4HANA system, solve business problems


Q: I am subscribed to Learning Hub but unclear on how to develop a training plan

A: Private/public subscription

Private - has additional functions to push out training

Public - learning journeys

S/4HANA Learning for Professional Roles

Source: SAP

Professionals are consultants, project team

Have ERP learning journeys online, in maintenance mode

S/4HANA learning journey, on premise

Highlight upskilling learning journeys

Source: SAP

Summary is shown above

More Q&A:

Q: printing of ebooks?

A: offering this; ramping this up

Not for old ones

New ones and updated ones

Q: No HR/HCM learning journey?

A: Do not have an S/4HANA HCM/HXM - functionality in S/4HANA didn't change

Will see a lot of RISE next month; also see more learning offerings S/4HANA private cloud

Find new ways of learning