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It has been always a painful task to enter the same default values in payroll transactions (Payroll Driver/Payroll Posting to Accounting/Remuneration Statement...) or select the variant to populate the values. SAP has a solution to default the values at the start of the all major Payroll related transaction, and interestingly it can be easily achieved without any custom transaction code or transaction variants.


NOTE: All Screenshots in the blog are taken from internal partner system.

There are ONLY two small things which needs to be done to achieve this magic;

STEP 1 :

Maintain the variant with your default values in the respective transaction.

As an example, I have maintained default values as system variant for transaction “PC00_M99_CIPE”. The purpose of system variant is that these variants can be transported to QAS/PRD environments refer SAP help here.

The same can be achieved for all other key payroll transactions like payroll driver “PC00_XX_CAL” , Remuneration Statement “PC00_XX_HRF” or Pre-DME...

STEP 2 :

System variants assignment to the standard transactions in maintenance view “V_HRCCE_T52MENU”

Goto transaction SM30 and enter the maintenance view “V_HRCCE_T52MENU” , and assign the system variant to all the payroll transactions.



I hope this simple configuration will save precious time of all consultants, and restrict control over the business users to default the right parameters from the selection screen at the start of transaction processing.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and feel free to ask for any clarifications!