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Add SAP GUI Login page Information text

Today we'll talk about SAP login page. There are lots of possibilities to change/enhance it, but the simplest one is to modify 'ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO' default text.

Do you want the login page like I have (or better).


Let's get started!

Go to SE61

Go with change option for ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO

(Document Class: General text, Language: English (OR According to your System), Name: ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO)


Note:  If you see message that document not found then press create button.

The raw view of editor is next:


As you may spotted, I use some fun icons to beautify the overall look of the information given. To do the same, you can use a list of predefined ABAP icons. 

To insert symbols:

Go to SE38 -> Execute report RSTXICON (press F8) -> Select "icon as abap list" -> Execute -> it will display list of icons -> select the code number from 'code' column -> enter this code between two @ symbols:


After modifications, save the document and activate it.

And finally. You can came across the situation, where you see an error message after implemented changes:


It happens due to enhancement versions mismatch. To avoid this situation you can either delete last enhancement or whole text message. Go to SE61. Go with change option for ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO. Select 'Document' -> 'Delete'. You have to see message 'Document xxx deleted in all languages':


After that just re-create 'ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO' message again.

That's it! Have fun !!

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