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While investigating a query from one of our end user I realized that tcode LX04 does not have a good documentation or it is not easily accessible.

The following information was collected based on my investigation on how SAP behaves on certain conditions. Pls note that this document may not cover all the scenarios however I believe that this will help in understanding LX04 tcode in a much better way that the current documents available.


When you execute LX04 tcode and run for a specific warehouse or a combination of warehouse and storage type (with "Print Storage Type View" option selected, system will generate an output with an overview of Capacity Situation per storage type for a warehouse.

Example Output:

You can now go and identify list of all the Bins and their Utilization information by placing cursor on a specific Storage type and Clicking "List of storage bins".

Example Output:


Here,  let me try to explain how system is populating "Reserved", "Empty Ind." and "Load in %" columns.

  1. "Reserved" column: Any bin that has atleast one quant will get a "X" else it remains BLANK. System refers to "No of quants" field of Storage Bin for this purpose.

  2. "Load in %" field is populated with value from "Utilization" field from Bin Master.

  3. "Empty Ind." column: This field is a bit tricky. It looks like system checks one of the following 4 fields in Bin Master while filling this field:

    • Occupied Weight

    • Cap. Used

    • No. of quants

    • No. stor.units

It is my observation that system use one of the above 4 fields to populate "Empty Ind." column primarily based on "Capacity Check method" defined in the Storage Type definition. Following tables shows which field systems uses for populating "Empty Ind.: field:

Storage Type Capacity Checking Method Storage Bin Used
BLANK No. of quants
1 Occupied weight
2 No. of quants
4 Cap.used
5 Cap.used

Note: I will updated the info of influencing fields for 3 and 6 upon further findings. If you already know, pls share details in the comment.


In an ideal situation you should never see both "Reserved" and "Empty Ind." as "X". However, you may notice in some storage Types with both "Reserved" and "Empty ind." field with "X". This is a bit confusing to business (this was actually the reason of my investigation that I mentioned at the beginning of this post). Typically, you will see this in Storage Types where the "Empty Ind." field is populated based on fields other than "No. of Quants" field of Storage Bin.

So, if you see this issue for a storage type with Capacity Checking Method 1, check and ensure that your Material Master has "Gross Weight" field populated.

And, if you see this issue for storage type with  Capacity Checking Method 4, check and ensure that your Material Master has "Capacity usage" field populated.


And, if you see this issue for storage type with  Capacity Checking Method 5, check and ensure that your Storage Unit Type configuration has "Capacity usage" field populated. (IMG node: Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Strategies > Activate Storage Bin Type Search > Definitions > Storage Unit Types)


Please ensure that after fixing the above issues you have executed program "RLS10200" and then re-execute LX04 to get the updated results.