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Hi All,

Today, I would like to highlight S4H 2022 changes / addition in SAP e-PPDS.

    • Calculating multilevel time buffers for components to fulfil customer demand


Provide decision support for multilevel planning by calculation and visualization of time buffers in multitier supply chains:

  • Calculate time-buffer information on order and operation level regarding its predecessor, successor, and primary demand

  • Support planners to reschedule without affecting upstream or downstream orders or operations

  • Support planners to reschedule without violating customer due dates

  • Display and visualize calculated time buffers within interactive planning

    • Demand and supply segmentation in embedded production planning and detail scheduling (ePP/DS)

Enable demand and supply segmentation in planning processes of embedded production planning and detailed scheduling (ePP/DS) based on characteristic dependent planning (CDP) of production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS):

  • Integrate segmentation with ePP/DS (embedded) based on CDP of PPDS

  • Enable PPDS to work with replicated data to integrate segmentation in all relevant objects such as:

  • Article and material

  • BOM

    • Evolution of the production planning optimizer (PP optimizer) in production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS)

  • Production planning optimizer (PPO) supports creation of optimized supply plans considering material requirement planning (MRP) areas of type storage location, including:

  • Creation of optimized supply plans for MRP areas of type storage locations for in-house production and external procurement (including stock transfers)

  • Maintenance of PPO related material master data (for example, costs demand penalties) at the MRP area level in material master maintenance, SAP Fiori "Product Master" apps, and mass processing of MRP areas

    • Renewed detailed scheduling planning board

Advanced Scheduling Board is a new application which supports Production Planner in creation and Detailed Scheduling of a feasible production plan.

This application allows:

  • Advanced and flexible visualization of charts and graphical elements

  • Enhanced capabilities of interactive planning


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Ramanand Mittal.