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In this blog, I will explain the concept of "Exchange Rule" maintained in the Grants Master.


Grants are instruments used to establish a funding relationship between a grantor and grantee to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation in which the sponsor does not expect to be substantially involved.

Within the Grants Master, we maintain the Grant Currency which is the currency of the sponsor, and may be different than the currency of the company code. Based on the Grant Currency, the budgets and the consumption are recorded in their respective tables. However it is not necessary that the expenses are recorded in either the grant currency or the company code currency. For example, the Grant Currency is "CAD" and Company Code Currency is "USD" whereas the transaction Currency is "GBP". This may also incur in cross company transactions.

Error Message: GRANTMGMT208 - Currency 0.00 in not allowed for grant XXXXXX

When posting a transaction in Financial Accounting (FI) on Grants with Transaction Currency different than the grants and company code currency, the system generates an error message "Currency 0.00 in not allowed for grant XXXXXX" Message no. GRANTMGMT208.

This message is due to ABAP Subroutine Pool "RGMLEDGER_ADDON" in functional module "GM_GET_GRANT_CURRENCY".

Concept of Exchange Rule in Grants Master

GM Exchange Rule for Revaluation defines how to calculate currency exchange between the grant currency and the local currency.

If this rule is maintained in the Grants Master, the above error message will be resolved.

Configuring the Exchange Rule

The exchange rules are maintained in the Table View " V_GMGRXCHNGCURR". There are three options:

1 - Translation based on the Posting Date

2 - Translation based on the Grants Master Exchange Rate

3 - Define the rules using BADI


Once the rule code is maintained in the master data, the condition "SUBRC" in the abap program will be true and the document will be posted successfully.


I believe that I am able to share my experience related to the subject and hopefully you will benefit from this blog post.

Best Regards,