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Accounts Determination

Defining FA Accounts Determination

Modules > Administration > Setup > Financials > Fixed Assets > Account Determination

The Account Determination definition enables the system to automatically select the relevant G/L accounts for assets accounting.

  • Asset Balance Sheet Account: the actual account recorded in CoA for FA to be used in presenting the BS.


  • Acquisition Clearing Account: an intermediate account that used to post all assets purchasing transactions before transferring them to their actual accounts. This account always must be ZERO!


  • Revaluation Reserve: a provision that’s specialized to record the Surplus from revaluate assets.


  • Revaluation Reserve Clearing: A P&L account that used to close the Revaluation Reserve result inside it which it will be closed in the Profit and Loss Statement.


  • Ordinary/Unplanned/Special Depreciation: Depreciation Expense that’s planned to write out Asset Cost at the end of each period and must be closed in the Profit and Loss Statement.


  • Accumulated Ordinary/Unplanned/Special Depreciation: an account that offsets the FA accounts in the balance sheet and closed when an asset is retired or sold.


  • Retirement with Expense/Revenue (Net): the result from retire an asset, it’s Profit and Loss Statement Account.

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