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In this blog post, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020

IMTS's Facevalue is a innovative solution which uses the facial recognition algorithm to provde security and sentiment analysis to its customers ie clubs. This solution is developed to monitor and analyse the live information of its member to enhance security of its premises and to understand the sentiments to give superior services. Facevalue integrates seemlessly with SAP b1's POS and CMS (Club management system), developed as Addo solutions, to give the managers visibility and MIS reports to its decision makers for better fucntioning of the club

Challenge Submission

Solution Name:  FACEVALUE

Solution Description:

AI based camera solution is deployed at the client place to Identify members and non-members, Sentiments, behavior patterns, the last service availed, thus making a strong understanding between Managers and Members. This app has a real time interactive service with SAP Business One application to fetch images and Identify members and non members.

Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

Problem Statement / Pain points :

The Customer, is a premium and private membership club that offers world-class sporting, leisure, recreational, wellness and hospitality services – a one stop shop for all lifestyle needs.”  The Member of the club are all High Profile members. They challenge for the club was to track the customer from the entry point till he leaves the club. The below challenges needed a solution.

Challenge 1 - A Non - member can pose as a member and enter the club premises. The club staff needs to identify such non members to propose them Club membership

Challenge 2 - Identification of High profile members, when he forgets his access card, as usually high profile guests do not carry access card. In this case the member relationship manager loses the opportunity to meet this guest

Chalenge 3 - A member can visit the club only 7 times in a month. Club managers cannot identify if he has visited more than 7 times on real time basis.

Challenge 4 - Member can bring along a Guests, that guest can come on 3 ocassions, tracking the guest along with member is not happening, loss of revenue of guest charges

Challenge 5 - The guests visiting frequently ca be prospective member for the club ,because there is NO identification, the upscaling of business cannot happen.

Challenge 6 - The sentiment of members is most important when it comes to interaction with them for proposing new facility, new health fitness program, understand his expression when he likes / dislikes a particular dish

Challenge 7 - There was no visibility of a member using which facility of the club. This would give the management the visibility on which facilities to promote, which services to enhance for member satisfaction

Use Case:

  1. Members Visit the Club

  2. Via IP Cam it identify the member or non member and keeps the count through live feeds

  3. Via IP Cam, it can click real time pictures of members who do not have a picture uploaded and register the image through live feeds

  4. Face captured is matched with SAP Business one database through POS/CMS (Club management system Application, developed by IMTS and integrated with SAP business one and result is shown on screen i.e. Member verified / Not a member, sent as an email, sent as an SMS to respective managers and at the reception

  5. Along with Identification it also shows Age, Sentiments of the members.

  6. Back end it process the count of this member visiting the club.

  7. If he visits for the 7th time in a month email goes to specified manager.

  8. Tracks Non members / Guests and the number of times he has visited the club

  9. Application camera used in Sales department is used to record person who shows interest in buing the membership.

  10. Camera in a social gathering, helps give them exact count of people which gives accurate numbers for billing purpose

  11. This information is fetched from the member photo's profile saved in SAP b1 database

  12. The members / non members / guests can be clicked on relatime basis to save their picture profile in the SAP b1 database as well

  13. Dashboard and Analytics help the managers and management get fruitful information on its so valuable Assets - It's Members


Persona Identified:

Pain Point  :

MR manager (Member relationship manager) - Realtime analysis of members entering the club with member counts, facility usage, Satisfaction of the members, retain members through marketing campaigns,

Needs - Realtime analysis of members/Nonmembers/Guests, Footfall, Dashboards, KPI's

Stake holders - Management of the club, Members


Solution Details:

Face recognition system is a camera based application which captures face of a persons, verifies with its database in SAP B1 and identifies it. It also shows Age, Sentiments of members and even count the number of his visits to club.

Face recognition system integrated with SAP B1 has increased the customer interaction leading to happy members, control on unauthorized person, increase in net new booking for memberships.


Reports / Dashboards



Solution Technology

Framework Used:

  1. Tensorflow

  2. Phython

  3. Java


  1. MySQL


  3. Mongodb

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus: Hospitality Industry

Marketing Strategy:

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Events

  3. Spread to other industry verticals such as Real Estate, Education, Security Services

Road Map:

Future development will include:

  1. Enhancing the solution to integrate with Social media platform by capturing images and providing analytics such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many more...



Partner:  IMTS Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd

Country: India

Team Name: IMTS's Transhumanists

Team Members:

  1. Siddhesh Sabnis

  2. Omkar Vaidya

  3. Kishore Dongre

  4. Neeraj Kathuria


Face value, powered by SAP business one will be a technology to reckon with, Its journey towards providing an intelligent enterprise solution for hospitality industry will work towards a enhanced  member satisfaction. This will not only increase faithfulness towards the enterprise but also help in increased revenue