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Hello All,

While working with an Indian client (on TAXINN), we recently encountered a strange situation. The client has seperate Pricing Prodecures for Factory & Depot Sales & all the Business (Divisions) share the common Pricing Procedures.

But one of the Divisions had a special Pricing Requirement & we had to create a new (seperate) Pricing Procedure for this Division. We did all the functional testing & smartform (Invoice Print-Out) changes & everything was working fine.

But the Excise Values (Basic Excise Duty, Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess) values which were calculated correctly in Sales Doucments, were not appearing in Excise Invoice (T-Code J1IIN).

Subsequently we found that following assignment of Default Condition Types has to be done whenever a new Pricing Procedure is created which contain Excise Duty calculations:

IMG - Logistics - General - Tax on Goods Movements - India - Determination of Excise Duty - Condition-Based Excise Determination - Classify Condition Types

Here one needs to assign the (new) Pricing Procedure & its Excise condition types for system to copy the correct values in Excise Invoice.

The reason for this assignment is in Condition based Tax Calculations (TAXINN) system has to be told which Condition Type represents which Tax Value.


Jignesh Mehta

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