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I have encountered the message - customizing incorrectly maintained – in the SAP system of many projects when executing transaction code ML81N to create a service entry sheet for service purchase orders.


This message seems to say that there is an error, which does not affect our normal execution of ML81N, but it pops up every time, which is very annoying!


Now I encounter this error message again on the 1909 s / 4 Hana system.



I'm puzzled. If it's a bug in SAP system, why does not SAP fix it in previous product upgrades? I feel that SAP company left this bug unsolved to deliberately disgust us.



I don't want to be disgusted by this error message anymore, so I decided to solve it completely. After checking the data, the following findings are found:





Background Info:

Our company just upgrade ECC 6.0 and we encountered a similar problem as described in the prior threads. I just want to share this with others who may have come across similar issue and are scratching their heads on how to go about solving this. This resolution works for us but I can't guarantee it would work for all. At least it's one of many solutions out there. Here goes...



Problem Description:

After SAP upgrade, user encounters the message "Customizing incorrectly maintained" whenever he/she executes the transaction ML81N. This message appears multiple times within the transaction. Additionally, the GR document number will not be displayed at the completion of service entry (which was there prior to the upgrade). This doesn't prevent users from entering service entry sheets. The document number can still be obtained from its corresponding PO.



The Solution:

Maintain table T162V to match the number of items and sequence as shown in the "Control View" of the grid inside transaction ML81N. The same items and sequences should be applied to all layouts in table T162V (there were 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 at the time of this our upgrade). This modification will affect all clients within the system (i.e., cross client change). After applying this, the message disappeared and the document numbers were starting to show once again.


Hope this may help some of us system supporters out there.






1, In the grid screen of basic data in ML81N transaction,


click the button



then SAP pop up below window,


Click the button “Administrator”, then we got below screen,


scroll down,


We can see that the total number of columns (number of fields or number of columns) in the layout is 83. See above screen.



2, Execute the transaction code SM31, enter the table name T162V, and display its data,

There are 6 layouts, from 0 to 5.



3, Execute transaction code SE16 to download the data of this table for analysis. It is found that the order of the same field is different in different layouts, as shown in the following figure:






4, Therefore, the solution is to modify the position of each element in layout 0-5 in the table to be consistent, and ensure that the number of fields in each layout is 83, so as to solve the error. The workload is not small, you know that.