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In this blog, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.


SMART RETAIL Solution Demo Video:



Solution Name: SMART RETAIL

Solution Description:

Retail is one of the most outgrowing industries in the world and majority of the retailers distribute their goods and services through Brick and mortar stores. Every retailer’s objective is to make their customers happy and their success relies on the value that they provide to them.

Here comes our solution, “SMART RETAIL”, which plays a vital role in helping retailers manage all their resources as well as customers, making their business more effective.

This product is built in such a way that it provides analytical reports to the store owners which enables them to take most appropriate decisions and lead a profitable business. Hence, with the help of timely and up-to-date information that the solution provides, the store owners can always be alert and take actions instantly when it comes to handling their customers, products as well as their employees.

Solution Use Case

    Real Customer Use-case:       


    Persona Identified:


    Pain Points:


Solution Details:

‘SMART RETAIL’ solution provides valuable results mainly by integrating the input of the camera (sensory equipment) with SAP Business One Digital Transformation Platform. It consists of important features such as:

  • Footfall Conversion: It helps to track the headcount, i.e., number of customers who walk in to the store as well as number of recorded transactions. With the help of RFID integration, this application can accurately track the number of customers and employees.

  • Gender identification: It Identifies gender of the customer who steps in to the store.

  • Age classification: It identifies age of the walk-in customers and classify them under different age groups.

  • Emotion Detection: By tracking the customer’s face, it can very well capture their emotions when they step in/step out, which helps the retailers to find customer satisfaction levels.

  • Face Recognition: With the help of captured customer’s face, system can provide purchase history (if available) of that particular customer which enables the retailer to serve them as per their preference.

  • Report Generation: It generates various analytical reports offering useful insights to store owners related to all their customers, products and employees. This enables them to plan proactively for running effective campaigns that can improve business.


Solution Technology


UX Technology used:

Latest technology used:
Machine Learning & Deep Learning– Emotion detection, Gender detection, Age classification
Face Recognition
Human Detection
SAP cloud Analytics
IOT Integration

Framework used:


Mobile net

 Go-to-market Strategy

  • Industry Focus: Retail Industry (Brick and mortar)

  • Marketing Strategy:

  • Collaborate with SAP Business One and other channel Partners

  • Content and social media marketing

  • Events (Trade shows, webinars and Industrial networking sessions)


The above image depicts that our strategic direction is ‘PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT’ since our target market (Retail Industry) remains the same, but the product (SMART RETAIL) which we will deliver them is newly developed. Moreover, this smart retail application will be integrated with SAP Business One and provided as a complete product for retail industry.

Road Map

Our future plan is to cover various brick and mortar stores and provide them ‘SMART RETAIL’ so that they can fully utilize its useful features, enabling them to take appropriate actions instantly to manage their customers, products and employees effectively.

Furthermore, our future plan also includes,

  • To create Heat Map of the store in order to identify the level of crowd in a particular place as well as to find out the place where people stay longer.

  • To classify customers based on their buying behaviors

  • To provide analysis by tracking the number of passersby as well as people who actually enter into the store.

Contact Information

         Partner: eNoah iSolution India Private Ltd.

         Country: India

        Team Name: eNoah Development team

        Team Members:

Gokul K. – Lead Consultant - SAP

Seshan K.B. –Associate

Bala Murugan N.G.– Associate

Harini R. – Associate


For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.