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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format, a process that allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper.

In this blog, sharing an overview of the ERP LOGIC's integration solution and how it integrates between ByDesign and EDI. The Middleware tool is a bridge between SAP ByDesign and EDI to transfer data and is highly customizable and applicable for all the  EDI document such as 810, 820, 850, 855, 867 and etc.  EDI FILE format is either text file or flat file or  XML or JSON, etc...


The requirement is to consume EDI data and update or create the same data in SAP ByDesign and create or update data from SAP ByDesign to EDI. and the Middleware send an email notification to the client about the error and successful creation or update of data in ByDesign and vice versa.


The solution proposed is to build a customer-specific middleware to consume, create, or update EDI and SAP ByDesign system. The Middleware can send an acknowledgment to the customer or client regarding each transaction and store the logs on the client server for future reference. So, the customer or client can refer easily in the future if needed.

Design / Process Flow


Reduce manual work to manipulate the data from the client system to the ByDesign.

  • Reduces time consumed during the update of data manually.

  • Reduces the cost which is invested for manual work and reduces manual error.


EDI middleware used in the integration saves time and efficient interchange process of transactional data in EDI FORMAT  from SAPBUSINESS BYDESIGN and vice versa

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