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A few days ago I joined a conference on SAP S4/HANA Conversion in St.Leon-Rot, Germany. Unfortunately, there is only a German description of this event available, but I will share my summary and thoughts on the event here with you.

Maintenance Planner (Boris Rubarth)

SAP Activate Roadmap

SAP Transformation Navigator

Maintenance Planner

SAP S4/HANA Readiness Check - Note 2290622 (Raphael Maultzsch)

The tool is implemented via SNOTE into the ERP system. Readiness check regarding add-ons could be done in DEV system, complete readiness check should be done in PROD or copy of it. It also includes sizing recommendations for a future HANA system. Business process analytics checks for open (FI) documents which will cause problems in a potential S4HANA conversion project.  ST-A/PI needs to be 01S (SP2/SP3).

If you have enterprise support subscription, you can consume the Readiness Check as EGI.

SAP Readiness Check

Simplification Items (R. Hamm)

See blog link above:

Note: copyright by SAP

Report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK provides an up to date list of simplification items and checks if the items are relevant for you, by checking the usage for certain table for example. Note 2399707 is the one to go for. This one is depending on 2502552 if you want to use the check at its full scale, as a check for 1709 requires this note to be implemented as well. For the later note, it is helpful, but not necessary, if the SAP Download Service is enabled on your system.

In general, a lot of things can and should be done before the "S4/HANA conversion Project", for example, Customer-Vendor-Integration (CVI), if you do not use the Business Partner, yet. Check the CVI cookbook.

Custome Code Adoption (Olga Dolinskaja)

Technical Conversion with SUM 2.0 (Boris Rubarth)


  • Database Migration (DMO) - if not yet on HANA

  • Software update

  • Data conversion (from the old data model to new data model)

  • Financial - subsequent works

Useful resources

Start SAP S/4HANA Planning with Readiness Check

SAP Notes

2290622 - SAP Readiness Check für SAP S/4HANA

2399707 - SAP Readiness Check - Simplification Item Check

2502552 - S4TC - S4/HANA Conversion & Upgrade new Simplification

2498908 - Applying TCI Enablement Note [VIDEO]

2187425 - Information about SAP Note Transport based Correction Instructions (TCI)

2576306 - Transport-Based Correction Instruction (TCI) for Download of Digitally Signed SAP Notes

2554853 - SAP NetWeaver download service for SAP Notes


To be able to implement the above-named notes necessary for the SAP Readiness Check, transaction SNOTE has to be enabled for TCI (Transport-based Correction Instructions). A documentation on TCI is attached to note 2187425.

Moreover, it is helpful if the SAP Download Service is enabled. Relevant notes are 2576306 and 2554853.