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Down payment is a process of receiving amount i.e. down payment, before actual handing over the goods to end customer.

Using below configuration we can achieve down payment scenario without billing plan.

A.SD Configuration settings for down payment processing

1.Pricing Condition Type: (Transaction code: V/06)

Condition Type: AZWA, will help to create the down payments need to receive from end customer.

Here we use Condition class: A (Discount or surcharge) and Calculation Type:B

Condition Type: AZWB, for billing and it is for down payment demand/settlement.       

Here we use Condition Class: A (Discount or surcharge) ,Calculation Type: G (Formula) and Condition Category: e (Down payment request/down payment clear)

2. Pricing Procedure: (Transaction code: V/08)

Above Condition Type i.e. AZWA and AZWB are need to be updated in Pricing procedure.

  • In pricing procedure use AZWA, this will help to create the down payments need to receive.

Here use Requirement type:2, Base formula:48 and Alt. Calculation formula:49

  • In pricing procedure using AZWB for billing. AZWB is used for down payment demand/settlement.

Here use Requirement type:2 and Alt. calculation formula 49

3. Copy Control:

Standard copy control needs to be defined in system to create further document.

  • Order (OR) to Devilry (LF) (Transaction code: VTLA)

  • Delivery (LF) to Invoice (F2) (Transaction code: VTFL)

B.Financial (FI) Configuration settings for down payment processing

1.Configure reconciliation account (Transaction code: OBXR)

We need to assign the field status for the G/L accounts >>Down Payments Received and Down Payments Requested.

2. Set Accounting Configuration (Transaction code: OBXB)

Here we configure the posting key for the down payments (ANZ) and the output tax billing (MVA).

3.Configure posting key (Transaction code: OB41)

Need to set sales order as optional entry for the posting key 19.

4.Set field status area (Transaction code: OB14)

Need to set sales order as optional entry for field status variant 0001, field status group.

5.Assign field status variants to company code (Transaction code: OBC5)


C.End to end high level process flow for down payment

Step:1 Create Sales Order (Transaction Code: VA01)

Create sales order and mention the amount (Example:10 GBP) you want to request for down payment using condition type: AWZA

Step:2 Create down payment Request (Transaction Code: F-37)           

Step:3 Create down payment with reference to down payment request(Transaction Code: F-29)

               Create actual down payment with reference to advance down payment request

Step:4 Create Devilry (Transaction Code: VL01N)

Step:5 Create Post Goods Issue (Transaction Code: VL02N)

Step:6 Create Invoice with reference to delivery (Transaction Code: VF01)

Advance Payment posted automatically in invoice document using condition type: AZWB

Step:7 Accounting document generated once Invoice created (Transaction Code: VF03)

Step:8 Financial Posting Details Displayed (Transaction Code: FBL5N)

Step:9 Clear the down payment which we received (Transaction Code: F-39)

Step:10 Once you clear the amount, financial account will update as below (Transaction Code: FBL5N)