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The following blog post is a submission for SAP Business One SEED Development Challenge.

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DocumentScan App Solution Demo Video:

DocumentScan App Solution Demo URL: Video Link

Submission Details

Solution Name: DocumentScan App

Solution Description: Sales person travels to customer place for collecting Purchase Order. Sales Person can scan or take a photo of the Physical Purchase Order collected from customer through Mobile App. The App will read the scanned or photo captured document and convert to electronic form and store in Local Mobile Database. If the Mobile is connected with Internet it will push the data to SAP Business One as Sales Order.

Solution Use Case

Customer is into LED Light Manufacturing and Distribution. He is having 50 sales team connected with multiple distributors and he is also having few corporate customers who issue Purchase Orders to Purchase the products. Each Sales Person collects 40 to 50 orders per day from customer. Sales team handovers the collected Purchase Orders to Order Processing Team at the Head Office to process the order. Order processing team is also responsible for posting these order as Sales Order Document in SAP Business One.

To avoid manual intervention, we have developed a mobile app which will post these sales orders just by scanning directly from the App. By deploying this app, customer beniffited with the below points.

a. Time taken in posting sales orders in SAP Business One will be immediate. As and when Sales officer scans the Customer given Purchase order from the Field.

b. Avoid manual data entry Errors.

c. Avoid misplacing Physical Purchase ORder documents given by Customer.

Persona Identified:

Pain Points: Following are the customer pain points which we addressing through the DocumentScan App

  1. Manual intervention

  2. Worrying about misplacing customer order

  3. Extensive time spent on order processing

Solution Details:

Sales Persons who visit the customer place for collecting the order or receives customer order through email can scan physical document or browse the softcopy of the document in to the App. Once Sales Persons process this document, app will convert the data in to digitally readable and editable format. This data will be posted as Sales Order into SAP Business One


  • Bring Real Time visibility on Customer Orders

  • Reduce Order Processing Time

  • Reduce errors

  • Increase efficiency of Field Force and Order Processing Team

Value proposition

  • Sales Order creating time is reduced from 1 day to 2 minutes, this is time taken between customer handing over the order to Sales Employee and creating in SAP Business One system

  • Handling more orders by individual sales persons

Solution Technology

UX Technology used:- JAVA and XML

Platform Technology used:- JAVA

Machine Learning Library:- Tesseract Open Source OCR engine is used to Optical Character Recognition to detect entities in a document

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:

  1. Wholes Sales and Distribution

  2. Manufacturing

Marketing strategy:

  1. Deploy the solution with existing customers

  2. Collaborate with Partners and Build Channels

  3. Run Social media campaigns

Road Map

  1. Make solution capable to handle or recognise any Pattern or structure of  Customer Purchase Order

  2. Extend the same solution to other use cases and transactions

  3. Handwriting Recognition

Contact Information

Partner: Vestrics Solutions Pvt Ltd

Country: India

Team Name: Doc Scan App Team

Team Members: 5

SEED_Nominate.png SEED_Nominate_GC.png