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This is a brief attempt to inform on SAP's field masking solution and how it is beneficial to consultants / client. Thanks to SAP for this feature. This is of great help in all functional modules to achieve data masking.

Coming to SAP Production Planning in specific then this helps clients and consultants to achieve BOM and recipe management confidentiality with standard approach. These solution from SAP are helping in many areas especially organizations to achieve GDPR and other compliance requirements.

Used Case Scenarios in SAP Production Planning:

As a production planning consultant, how many times we have been asked by our client to help in securing the BOM or recipe content. There are plenty of occasions irrespective of industries (Life science, Pharma, Consumer Industry etc) the requirement put forth is to provide view access of BOM or it's components to authenticated users. Hope most of you come across this requirement.

What was the answer in past?

If I remember reading through different posts in SCN Community answers from years, or when interacted with many consultants – we found our own ways to achieve this functionality in production planning area by working in collaboration with ABAP and Security consultants. It means, yes always such requirements were handled via customization / complex role designs / auth objects etc - to achieve the result to some extent. Hope most of you in tune with me here.

Do we still need to stick to these custom solutions?

Answer is not exactly. Yes, I do agree with lot more coming in S4 HANA for data masking. But do you know almost two or less than two years back, SAP came up with field masking functionality with Add-ons. These are UI5 Add-ons and this is not only for S4 HANA, Fiori, Web Dynpro but also for ECC at GUI level. Installation and application of these add-ons based on client requirement and decision, perhaps consultant can still propose this if your industry needs it.

Sharing this content to many consultants in this forum, to let you know that there is a standard solution available for this requirement.

How exactly it is done?

Simple illustration in SAP production planning BOM application. In this illustration, would like to show you the end results. But SAP SCN Community has a forum of field masking – reference link will provided you in this Blog, which helps you to explore more options of these features.

If you want to restrict view of your BOM content for authenticated users only then adopt the below method:

Step 1> If your client willing to get on to this feature. Take help of your BASIS team to install UI5 Add-on on field masking.

Ste 2> Simple way to maintain this masking feature is below. Imagine we want to mask component number inside the BOM for which Structure (you can use structure or table) in RC29P and field IDNRK and mention with enabler role as shown in below image and activate it :

Look at the result below of Masking result in the BOM


SAP Reference Links: You can look at below tags in SAP Community

Below are the important links to explore more:







Hope all of you find the content of this blog are informative - if you are hearing it first time or already experienced in this. This is an attempt to make this feature availability introduction only.

SAP Field Masking forum and technical experts written so many blogs to see plenty of scenarios in the links provided above. Request the interested to go through that to explore more.