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Welcome everyone,

Digitalization is everywhere as the world gets built with latest technologies every single day. As part of this transformation of every technology Digital Transformation also takes a vital place. So let's get to know more about this interesting topic.

Digital Transformation and the need for opting it:

Firstly Digital Transformation is the process of using latest and digital technologies to create or modify the existing customer experience, business processes, culture, values and methods to meet the advanced market requirements and changing technologies in the business. For easier readability it is used as DT or DX. In short notes the reframe or reimagining of business in current digital age is called the Digital Transformation.  It has been predicted that if the business firms got converted to the DX it will provide enormous revenue of up to hundred trillion US Dollars over the upcoming decade.

  • This transformation has the power to improve the strength of competition in the business and also to enhance and provide futuristic and better customer experience. And yes the Digital Transformation makes it initial and final step with the customer's journey.

  • It is not only about technology, it is also people and data-centric.

  • It also creates great impacts in the culture and values of the digital society, irrespective of the industry or business.

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Core elements of Digital Transformation touches:

  • Performance management

  • Customer Understanding

  • Digitally modifies Business

  • Customer touchpoints

  • Top-line growth

  • Team structure

  • Strategy and Leadership

  • Cultural change and communication

  • Optimizing

These are some pros why the IT firms bet big on Digital Transformations.

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Now let's look at the phases the Digital Transformation has crossed these years.

Many businesses and industries opted for the Digital Transformation and also got benefitted for the same. However there are several organizations who still work without the proper goal to reach, by which they loose lot's of investment, time, the company's hard work and efforts, people's trust and so on.

Lets looks at some reasons why business organizations couldn't attain success in their Digital Transformation:

  • Lack of required skills.

  • Ending up with wrong solutions.

  • Lack of cost investment/budget.

  • Not understanding the transformation and technology to the fullest.

  • Lack of co-ordination/collaboration.

  • Do not connect with the key stakeholders properly.

  • Not competitive.

These are some of the many issues the companies which ended up with failure faced. And there are so many mistakes the business organizations do, that stop them to attain a success in this transformation. It varies accordingly.


Digital Transformation as a Service : Introducing Digital Transformation as a Service allows for flexibility, scalability and greater integrations among various service providers and thus gives sustainable improvements and increasing the chances of success for option Digital Transformation. It is short formed as DXaaS or DTaaS, it enables continuous, end-to-end transformations with the ability to adapt the changing values of business environments.

The main goal of DXaaS is to provide seamless fully automated integration across various business areas, stakeholders, consultants, service providers to enhance data sharing and to increase the success of investments in transformation.

This is why businesses tend to move to DXaaS from DX as it provides wide range of enhanced services in business.

Moving to DXaaS from DX

In simple words, initiating the Digital Transformation involves a large number of Stakeholders, requires continuous monitoring, collaborating with various business units and adjustments to ensure success. So eventually it becomes hard to move an entire area to improvement, This is where Digital Transformation as a Service (DXaaS) comes for the rescue.

With the latest advancement in techologies like Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, DXaaS is no longer a one-time engagement.

It provides a continuous transformation journey and has various benefits which includes

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Cost-effective investment.

  • Process Improvement and continuous problem solving.

So business organization and people who are struggling to initiate DX can get benefitted by Digital Transformation as a Service.

How DXaaS helps businesses in succeeding:

Even though DXaaS is a new approach for organizations who have been investing in digital transformation for years, it makes it all easy with four of it's essential facets which opens the door to success.

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Let me explain you in simple terms about how an organization should improve in each of this facet :


It means Customer experience and satisfaction becomes the absolute core of your organization. It also sets the scope for data collection and the other pillars of DXaas. From each and every touchpoint you can predict the customer's buyer personas, best interest, values they follow, behavior, location, personal details etc., from which you can use the customer-centricity to get benefitted by understanding your customer and their needs well.


Data is the key to succeed in any firm. Similarly in DXaaS, it's success largely depends on data collection, cleansing, accessing, reporting and data visualization. So you should focus more on insights, optimization and innovation by creating new and enhanced data. A Chief Data Officer is provided with large responsibilities to understand and provide the large collection of data in a sensible and understandable way.


So the firms who wants to get into DXaaS should establish very clear and strong strategies which are not only functional or business level but also to an enterprise level. By this any issue which affects the entire organization can be solved. It also helps the organization in enterprise level strategy which will makes the leaders to collaborate and data and respective units and to mobilize it digitally. This strategy is very important to succeed as a whole organization in DXaaS.


Lastly the important final facet which bring success to DXaaS is the Culture we establish. It includes the beliefs, practices and values followed by the people in the firm. Talking about today's technological world the continuously changing landscape, remote-work culture which has to  include several years of investment but even though reaching the targets become extremely hard. So a culture where stable and consistent continuous optimization, innovations, enhancements, adjustments has to be employed for increasing the betterment for attaining the firm's goal and to improve the DXaaS practices the organization follows.

Following these four facets any organization can surely invest in SAP and get converted to DXaaS  and earn huge amount of gains, provided understanding the solution to be incorporated, and the facets properly.


To summarize, we saw about how Digital Transformation is in the current world, the need for it, the various benefits organizations gained adapting it, the issues the organizations faced adapting it, and steps to overcome it.

We also explored about Digital Transformation as a Service and how it can helps the firms who struggles with initiating DX.

I hope you gained some idea through this blog post and this may surely help you and your organization to transform digitally and to attain your goals in an efficient way.

Thank you.

Dhanalakshmi Selvaraj.