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In this blog I want to share my experience how I used standard CDS view "C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON" which is of type Query to customize the default layout of the Multi dimensional report built on it.

The standard Fiori app which uses this view is W0161- Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Multidimensional. System is on S/4HANA 2021.

Problem Statement:

In the standard app "Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Multidimensional" default layout shows the field "Financial Statement Leaf Item" in the Rows axis. This report is built using standard analytical query "C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON"

Std. layout of Fiori App- Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Multidimensional

Requirement is to have field "G/L Account" on the Rows axis instead of the field "Financial Statement Leaf Item" as default layout when the tile is launched for all users.

One option is to use personalization feature by drag and drop of fields and saving the tile as a variant. However this will be specific to the user and each user will be required to do this personalization which was not the desired solution.

Solution Approach:

  1. The first option to be explored is using the Custom Analytical Query app to create a Copy of the standard Analytical Query "C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON" on which the std. report is based. However it was not possible due to the below error we are getting when trying to copy this query:

    Query cannot be created error

    This error is documented in SAP Note  2992093 - Query cannot be created from the source query, RS_ANA_AQD_ODATA 027

    This option cannot be used to fulfill the requirement

  2. The second option explored was the possibility to to create a new Analytical Query using the Custom Analytical Queries Fiori app based on the data source "I_FinancialStatementCube" which is the data source of the main analytical query "C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON". However this is NOT possible as the view "I_FinancialStatementCube" is not released by SAP.

    Data Source of std. analytical query C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON

    View I_FinancialStatementCube status is NOT Released as seen in View Browser app

    This option also cannot be used to fulfill the requirement

  3. Working Solution:  Since in this particular case the data source of the standard analytical query is in status "Not Released" and it is also not possible to create a copy of the analytical query using Custom Analytical Queries app, we are left with the option to Copy the standard CDS view "C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON" using ADT in Eclipse. Update the code in custom CDS View "Z_C_FINSTMNTCOMPARISON" and move field "FinancialStatementLeafItem" to FREE Axis and the field "GLAccount" in ROWS Axis. Activate the CDS view and you can find it in the Query Browser Fiori app

    Field GLAccount is put in section ROWS


    Field FinancialStatementLeafItem is moved to FREE Axis


    Newly created CDS view can be found in Query Browser Fiori App

    As seen in the output of this CDS view using "Open for Analysis" button in Query Browser Fiori App the field "G/L Account" is in Rows axis in the default layout of this multi dimensional report.

    Field GL Account is in Rows axis in default layout

  4. Now we need to create a custom tile for the multi dimensional report which is based on our custom analytical query "Z_C_FinStmntComparison1" created using ADT in eclipse.

Summary: Using the options discussed in the blog we can customize Multi dimensional Fiori reports and design the default layout as per business requirement. Multidimensional report is a powerful visualization tool for Business users to get insights using Embedded Analytics in S/4 HANA.

Please feel free to comment and share your feedback on similar requirements in Embedded Analytics in S/4HANA. Thanks for reading this far and hope you find the information useful.