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Active Contributor
This was a webcast from last week for the global SAP user group.

Figure 1 Source SAP

Skills gap are a key concern
Why is it a concern?
Not able to innovate effectively

Figure 2 Source SAP

Figure 3 Source SAP
Moving to S/4HANA is the baseline

Figure 4 Source SAP
Four skills are important

Figure 5 Source SAP

Training for those professionals; look at SAP Learning Journeys
Learning Hub with certification

Moving to the SAP user - Enable Now, Experience Management

Figure 6 Source SAP
SAP Learning Journey, Open SAP courses, SAP Learning Hub

Figure 7 Source SAP
More than 1 million unique learners

Figure 8 Source SAP

Live sessions, learning rooms,

Figure 9 Source SAP
Structured around products and roles

Figure 10 Source SAP
Start with overview
Deeper knowledge

Figure 11 Source SAP
Live class

Figure 12 Source SAP
S/4HANA overview across channels

Figure 13 Source SAP
Pairing live classrooms with virtual experience, and finalize with certification
Program is 3-5 months duration

Figure 14 Source SAP
Certification exams
Can schedule any time, flexible
24 x 7
More than 100 certifications
Digital badges to show certifications

Figure 15 Source SAP

SAP user experience

Figure 16 Source SAP
Companies need this to be successful

Q: Advice for business users, plans for SAP product implementation
A: Learning Hub - full flexibility; relevant for all working on the project


What do you think?  Have you tried blended learning?