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Build Freight Unit(s) for Partly Complete Sales documents in SAP S/4H 2023.


If a sales order is created for more than one line item and one of the line-item statuses is incomplete due to missing mandatory data, the sale order can be saved but cannot be processed further, and the system was unable to generate freight units even for the sales order's complete status item(s), and transportation planners cannot plan their activities until the sales order status is complete from the incompletion perspective. In in S/4H 2023, SAP has included the capability of building freight units for partially completed sales orders. However, the business may decide whether the system generates freight units only for complete sales orders or for partially complete sales orders, and this option is available in the logistic integration profile. You can check further information here https://help.sap.com/docs/SAP_S4HANA_ON-PREMISE/e3dc5400c1cc41d1bc0ae0e7fd9aa5a2/97d48bfd0f844230a11....


I'd like to demonstrate this feature via SAP screenshot(s).

Logistic Integration Profile

Now I choose the Build FU option for partially completed sales documents.

I created sales order (502) for two-line items and the line item 20 is incomplete status, However, the system has generated a freight unit for line item 10.

Sales order incompletion screenshot

We can see that the system has generated Freight Unit for partially complete sales order.


Now I choose the option with Build FU for complete sales documents.

I created another sales order (504) for two-line items, and line item 20 has an incomplete state, and the system failed to generate a freight unit even for line item 10 of the sales document.

No FU is created since the sales order is incomplete.

We can check the details.

Now I went back to sales order and updated the missing information for the line item 20 and sales document is complete. 

Now FU is created for both line items.

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Hi Sreenivasulu,

This is a great detailed document. Thanks for sharing.