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At times we might come across a scenario where in we are required to change the Class associated with a material.

We might look at MM02 or even BMCHCL for this purpose.

  • MM02 does not perform change of Batch Classification in case Batches with Stock Exist.

  • BMCHCL does not work as expected if the destination batch does not consider all the characteristics of the the initial batch.

Recently I came across a peculiar situation wherein both the above stated options failed.

Let us look at the workaround.


1. The material at the moment has the Batch Classification as CLASS_SEARCH_PH as shown below.

2. Let us now run BMCHCL and check if it works

As stated earlier, BMCHCL works only in case of Classes with same characteristics.

Here the Material is associated with CLASS_SEARCH_PH and the New Class is CLASS_EXPIRYDATE_PH.

The Classes contain the following characteristics which are not identical

3) To counter this problem, we are required to add the additional characteristics to the New Class via CL02.

4) Let us now run BMCHCL and check if it works:

The conversion is successful.

5) Now we are required to delete the additional characteristics which were added to the New Class as they are no more relevant.

Since the Characteristic is assigned to the Material and Batches, we are not allowed.

7) For the purpose of deletion, we are required to run report RMCLMDEL.

Once we run the report, the characteristics are deleted, we can then check the Material and Batches associated, they are now classified with the new class and relevant characteristics.


The Batches form a critical part of daily transactions and hence utmost importance and care should be taken at the time of running the BMCHCL and RMCLMDEL Report as these have a great overall impact.

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