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There are many types of enhancements with regards to batch management functionality. In this write up I will be sharing some of the enhancements which are frequently used in the manufacturing industry.

1- Batch Number Alpha Numeric (Internal):

Alpha numeric batch number is very widely used in the manufacturing industry especially in FMCG. In case of auto generation of alpha numeric batch number, a Z-table is required where the number range is linked with ABAP logic to alphabetical range.

2- Copying Manufacturing and Expiry dates:

Child material’s manufacturing or expiry dates are sometimes required to be made default dates of the parent material. This is done with the help of a user exit.

3- Batch No. copied from child (SFG) material:

Child material’s batch number is sometimes required to be made its parent material’s batch number, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Child material can be of any material type. ABAP logic will based on material type, i.e. linking parent material’s type with its child material type.

4- Manufacturing date from Order (Operation) Confirmation:

Manufacturing or expiry date can be taken from the system’s time with regards to a particular operation/phase confirmation of an order. This practice is again mostly seen in the pharmaceutical industry, as there is a particular operation where the manufacturing/expiry date is assigned to the batch.

5- Manufacturing/Expiry date from Raw Material (Supplier’s given date) to Parent material:

Supplier’s manufacturing or expiry date of a particular batch can also be copied to its parent material. This practice is again mostly seen in the pharmaceutical industry, as there are certain active materials which directly affect the SLED of the finish good.


In case of any queries please feel free to comment. This article will be updated as the time goes by.