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The ASUG EAM Community would like to announce our three part webcast series that will be delivered by three highly rated SAP & Customer speakers that presented at SAP-Centric EAM and SAP-Centric Material & Logistics Conferences 2017.

This was the first year the SAP-Centric EAM conference was co-located with the SAP-Centric Materials & Logistics conference. These events were held in March in Huntington Beach, California.

SAP Centric EAM has gathered a great reputation as “the event” to attend for the North America SAP EAM Community. There are numerous great stories that have been shared at SAP-Centric EAM; we are very pleased to share three of these’ stories with you in this webcast series.


 Featured Webcasts



April 19: SAP Geographical Enablement Framework: Act on Insights Spatially-Enabled SAP EAM (Episode 1 of 3)


12pm-1pm EST

Speaker: Karsten Hauschild, SAP


June 14: EAM: Integrated PM & MM Process to Achieve Financial & Operational Success (Episode 2 of 3)


3pm-4pm EST

Speaker: Tim McLain-Incitec Pivot Limited


July 19: Vendor Managed Inventory for Greater Automation & Cost Savings (Episode 3 of 3)


1pm-2pm EST

Speaker: Shawna Travis, Shell