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# Purpose

This blog will let you know about the Asset Cutover in S/4 HANA during a green field implementation. There are various scenarios in Asset Legacy Data Migration, here four scenarios will be covered.

  1. Asset Cutover - Previous Year Acquisitions

  2. Asset Cutover - Current Year Acquisitions

  3. Asset Cutover – Assets Under Construction – Line Items (AUC)

  4. Asset Cutover – Assets Under Construction - Investment Measures (AUC)


# Assumptions for Dates

Dates are very important in Asset Cutover configuration and data upload

-          Go-Live date as 01.02.2018 (Mid-Year)

-          Fiscal Year V3 (April to March)

-          e.g. 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018 = 2017 Fiscal Year.

# Configuration required for Asset Cutover

b. Define offsetting account for legacy data transfer via IMG: Asset Accounting (New) -> Asset Data Transfer -> Parameters for Data Transfer -> Define Offsetting Account for Legacy Data Transfer

b. Define document type for legacy data transfer via IMG: Asset Accounting (New) -> Asset Data Transfer -> Parameters for Data Transfer -> Define Document Type for Legacy Data Transfer


c. Specify transfer date via IMG: Asset Accounting (New) -> Asset Data Transfer -> Parameters for Data Transfer -> Date Information -> Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year


d. For mid-year migration only (for example, transfer date is 31.01.2018, period 10 of fiscal year 2017), specify last period posted in previous system via IMG: Asset Accounting (New) -> Asset Data Transfer -> Parameters for Data Transfer -> Date Information -> Specify Last Period Posted in Prv.System (Transf.During FY)



# Asset Legacy Data Migration (Asset Cutover)

  1. Asset Cutover - Previous Year Acquisition (All Acquisition on or before 31.01.2018/Period 10/2017)

a. In S/4 HANA, to post an asset you have to use AS91 for Master Data and ABLDT for Transaction data.

In ECC, Transaction code AS91 used to create asset master and also post asset values in asset accounting through ‘Takeover values’. Now Takeover values’ is not possible in S/4 HANA system in AS91.

Master Data: AS91


b. In S/4 HANA, Asset transaction data is posted through ABLDT, it updates Assets Accounting and General Ledger Accounting at the same time; due to this, no reconciliation issues occur.

In ECC transaction data was getting posted separately in Assets Accounting through ‘AS91-Takeover values’ and General Ledger Accounting through OASV/FB01.

Transaction Data Posting: ABLDT

Simulate & Post

ABLDT posting will update Asset accounting and general ledger accounting simultaneously


2. Asset Cutover - Current Year Acquisitions (Acquisitions between 01.04.2017 to 31.01.2018)

a. In S/4 HANA, to post an asset you have to use three transactions:

I. Transaction code AS91 for Asset Master Data

II. Transaction code AB01 to transfer the acquisition transaction of legacy asset posted in current year.

Simulate and post

III. Transaction code ABLDT to takeover ordinary depreciation posted in current year

by entering amount in field ‘Ordinary dep.posted’ (NAFAG). & Post.


3. Asset Cutover – Assets Under Construction (AUC) (Line Item)

 a. Asset Master will be created through AS91

b. Asset Under Construction transaction value is posted with new transaction ABLDT_OI.


 Simulate and Post

 c. In the case of a transfer using BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE, value is entered in TRANSACTIONS.

d. There are special transaction types for the transfer:

900         Takeover open items APC (AuC)

910         Takeover open down payments on AuC


4. Asset Cutover – Assets Under Construction (AUC) (Investment Measures)

At present, transfers for AuCs for investment measures are not supported. You can only use a transfer to an independent AuC as described in SAP Note 29475. During the final settlement, the values transferred to the independent AuC must be transfer posted separately with the AuC settlement to the recipients of the final settlement. The other options described in SAP Note 29475 (summary investment measure) are not yet fully available at present.


# Key Notes: 

  1. In S/4 HANA BDC and LSMW are still supported for Asset master part i.e. AS91/AS92/AS93, but they are not supported for transaction data i.e. ABLDT and AB01

  2. Generally, BAPI BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE or transaction code AS100 for mass data. In asset cutover generally data is huge and BAPI (BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE) is recommended.

  3. BAPI BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE is capable of handling the above mentioned scenarios.


# Important SAP notes related to Asset Legacy Data Migration:

2331123 - Prerequisite customizing required for legacy asset takeover in Simple Finance (sFIN)2208321 - FAQ for legacy data transfer in SAP_FIN 720 and subsequent releases

2235848 - General steps for mid-year legacy asset transfer

Many more such article on S/4 HANA topic to come. Stay Connected.

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Dear Shakeel,


thanks for the article, As per the accounting standards we have to use the useful life of the asset in which we use 1 dep key for all the assets.

Now eg if a legacy asset life of 10 years of which 6 years and 30 days have passed and expected useful life is 3 years and 335 days ..

I am not able to enter this  period data of balance life  in AS01 can you please help me.


CA Satish Prabhu


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nice document

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Thanks for sharing knowledge.. It is really informative.
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Thanks Shakeel ...

Nice document, Can you clarify one more thing..... lets  its indian client  but

–          Go-Live date as 31.03.2018 (Mid-Year)

–          Fiscal Year k4 (Jan to Dec )

–          e.g. 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018 = 2018 Fiscal Year.

How Asset Cutover – Assets Under Construction (AUC) value will be impact on Closing year ?

How to handle the Cutover activities ?



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Dear Shakeel,


Thanks for the useful document.


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