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I hope everyone is doing well!

Here is my another blog on more details about the SAP certifications. I had covered most of the SF portals and its uses in my previous article. In this article i had tried to talk more about topics like - how should you purchase certification hub/getting access to it, how you need to keep your system ready for the exam, topics covered in the exam etc. This article will benefit everyone who are planning for a SAP certification. In the recent times, most of the SAP certifications can be taken remotely and gone are the days where the consultants has to walk to the nearest test center. Thanks to the cloud pattern of exams!!

1. How do i purchase SAP Certification Hub?

a. URL: https://training.sap.com/course/cer006-sap-global-certification-online-exam-6-attempts-certification...

**The above URL holds good if you are an individual subscriber.

**If you have an existing SAP User id, it can be aligned with certification hub. If you don't have a SAP User id, it will be created by SAP during the purchase.

**The country of purchase [just to reflect with the local currency for the purchase] can be changed by replacing the country code in the URL. For ex: the above URL has us and shows the currency in $. If you are from Germany, you can replace us with de and it shows the currency in Euro.

b. If your purchase is done via your organization, they usually share the voucher code with you and you can navigate to the portal: https://training.sap.com/ and the code can be validated using the validate code [as shown in the below screen]. Existing SAP S User id can be tagged to the certification hub. If you don't have a S user id, you can get an id created from your organization.

Once the process of purchase is done, you can navigate to the URL: https://training.sap.com/, login with the credentials and click on the three horizontal lines and choose Access purchased subscriptions.

The access purchased subscriptions shows all that you had purchased. Click on Access SAP Cloud Certification and with the single sign on, it takes you to the SAP Certification hub.

**Exam Dashboard - It has details of all the available exams and the user can schedule the exam from this page.

Point to be noted: Make sure to change the timezone to your local time as all exam appointments will be booked at this time only.

Also double check the email notification from SAP whether it shows the appointment on the slot you had booked in your timezone.

**Exam Appointments - This page shows the list of booked exam slots and this is the place you have to navigate to start the exam. Say, if your slot is at 9 PM, the launch exam option will be visible 15 minutes prior to your booked slot [at 8.45 PM]. Click on the launch exam button and there will be some formalities to do. You will have to show a valid government id proof to the proctor, proctor will verify the surroundings in the room and will inform the do's and dont's.

Good thing to note here is SAP provides a 24*7 instant chat support for all operational queries related to the exam.

You are all set to book the code and appear for the exam!

2. How can make sure that your computer is ready to launch the exam?

In the same homepage of SAP certification hub, you will find an option to install the Questionmark secure browser which is mandatory to be installed to launch the exam.

Also do the system readiness check using the Test Communication and Bandwidth button. It tests the webcam, browser support, internet connectivity speed etc.

**Make sure to close applications like Skype, Lync or any java applications running in your machine. If its opened, it will not allow you to launch the question mark browser. [Tip: Choose end program for Skype, Lync etc in task manager]

**More details related to re-scheduling, cancellation of appointment, digital badges etc can be found under the FAQ section of the SAP Certification hub homepage.

3. How to prepare for the exam?

Navigate to the URL: https://training.sap.com/ and in the search bar enter the exam code you wish to take. This link shows the list of all available exams and its validity.

More details related to SAP Global Certifications can be found here: https://training.sap.com/content/stay-current-certification


The search result displays the all the information related to that exam code like sample questions, duration, cut score etc.

Click on the sample questions and this is typically the same screen you will see in your main exam- the timer at top of the screen, assessment navigator etc.

Purpose of Assessment Navigator - clicking on this shows all the available question numbers. Whichever questions you have a doubt with the answer, you can flag it and come back to it later.

Topic areas - the same search window of the exam code shows the topic areas along with the weightage of that exam code. This is more important to prepare for any exam. The contents will be usually hosted in the SAP Learning Hub and spending time wisely with the topics with more weightage will easily help you to crack the exam.

Few other points to be noted in your exam:

  1. There are no negative marking in any SAP exams.

  2. There are no true/false, fill in the blanks type questions.

  3. Questions typically will be single choice, two correct answers, three correct answers etc. If a question has two correct answers, you have to answer both correct. If you answer one correct and the other incorrect, you will not get any partial marks. The whole question will be marked wrong.

  4. The submit button has to be clicked once you answer all the questions and yes the result appears instant in the screen.

4. How to keep your certifications active?

SAP releases half yearly updates (earlier quarterly updates) and you will have to write the delta exams before the cut off date. You will be getting reminder notifications in your mail inbox with details of the cut off date. Make sure to complete the delta exam with in the specific date to keep your certifications active. If you miss your delta, you have to write the main exam again[of that particular exam code]!.

4a. Where do you write the delta exam?

Delta exams are written in SAP Learning Hub [LH]. More details about learning hub can be found here.You just need to search for the delta exam in LH and can complete delta. Delta exams can be taken any number of times and there is no attempts restriction. Delta exams will be typically 10 to 15 questions with no timer restrictions.Make sure the delta certificate reflects in the learning completion history in LH homepage.

4b. Does delta exam appear in youracclaim portal?

No. It will not. Only the main exams appear in the YourAcclaim portal.

4c. Where can i download a copy of my certificate?

It can downloaded from YourAcclaim portal. Section 8 of my previous article gives more detail about this.

More details at:




All the best for your certifications!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!!