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This topic demonstrates how you can extend the original CDS view with a view extension to provide some additional fields.


Our customer asked us to add some fields that are in the "EBAN" table but not in the Manage Purchase Requisition Professional Fiori application(F2229).


I created this example to show how those who need to add fields to the S/4HANA Manage Purchase Requisition Professional Fiori App can do so via the CDS extension. We used it in our S/4 Hana(On-Premise) Greenfield Implementation project and we met our customer's need.

What will you learn?

In this example I will create “CDS Extension” for Purchase Order Professional App to add two fields in the EBAN table.

You’ll learn

  • How to create custom CDS extension for Purchase Requisition Item Extensibility View-E_Purchaserequisitionitem.

  • How to create custom CDS extension for standart CDS view C_PurchaseReqnHeader

  • How to use E_Purchaserequisitionitem in the C_PurchaseReqnHeader .


1- First, we open our application package and C_PurchaseReqnHeader CDS view on Eclipse.

2- Go To C_PurchaseReqnHeader->T_PurchaseReqn ->I_PurchaseReqn->I_PurchaseReqn->I_Purchaserequisitionitem

In the I_Purchaserequisitionitem CDS View you can see standart extension view E_Purchaserequisitionitem.

3- This view is using the "EBAN" table. We will add the fields we want to get from the EBAN table by making a standard view extension to this view.

Right Click to E_Purchaserequisitionitem.and choose New Data Definition.


4- I add two new fields to this extension view then activate it.

Created by- ERNAM

Request Date- BADAT


5- Now we can use these fields in the main C_PurchaseReqnHeader view. 

I create a extend view for C_PurchaseReqnHeader as in point 3  and activate it.

After all of these, you can see your new fields in "Manage Purchase Requisition Professional Fiori Application(F2229)."

Please submit questions in the respective Q&A area in SAP Community.







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