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Recently I had the chance to implement a BADI in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Never been on an SAP S/4HANA Cloud system, so I searched the SAP community first.

I found a great blog by akshay_kumar and got amazing help from esmee :




So, after I found the information I started developing in the fancy ABAP web editor with it's restricted syntax. The first problem I was facing: where is my SE12 to browse through the table entries to check which database tables I need?? Of course, SE12 does not exist! So, my first tip is to use the FIORI App "Custom CDS Views":

Here you can create a new Custom CDS Views based on existing Views. This was extremly helpful to get an overview about columns, associations etc. (Yes, you have to have a basic understanding of CDS and the new VDM data model: https://help.sap.com/viewer/0f69f8fb28ac4bf48d2b57b9637e81fa/2011.500/en-US/7139c1648de84c0bbd763758... )

I used the app to view the table contents, here's a screenshot of what that looks like for the CDS view I_EngagementProject:

You can even publish those views as an OData service, then you're able to see all data (the Custom CDS view only gives you a data preview; If there's a lot of data, you're not able to see it all) and use all OData functions. But for my usecase the "Data Preview" was enough.

So, after I got a good overview and a plan of which CDS views I will need, I wrote the coding in ABAP. But very soon I faced my next challenge: How can I actually test my coding? Yes, there is the integrated test capabilitay in the BADI editor (and it is very useful), but in my case there weren't enough export parameters that I could use to see what I actually selected in my variables. After a while of "blind coding", I was again looking for help but I couldn't find any.

I was even reaching out to rohit.khan  but he told me that this is a common struggle for customers. Finally, I browsed through the app "Released ABAP Artifacts" and a class caught my eye:


So, I checked this class and I found some interesting methods:



And with this information I was able to log my values in my coding:


So, now you can activate the log, execute the BADI (even in test mode) and see your log:

Call the App "Custom Logic Tracing":

Start the Trace, finish it after execution and then show the content and THAT'S IT!



I hope it'll help your first steps in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Development be a little bit easier! I hope SAP will provide more help to make developments easier in future. A logging functionality in test mode would be great. But I think with these tools in place we can write ABAP code comfortably and fast.
Nice blog Christopher. Thanks for sharing this info!
Hi Christopher, this makes me curious to work with a S/4 HANA Cloud system for the first time! Thx, Ulli
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