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Hello All,

Welcome to my SAP Blog.

In this blog we will discuss about one issue that I faced recently during the creation of a PO with a customized document type.

I was creating a PO for a “Sub-Contracting” item with the Item Category “L”, but when I try to save the PO, the PO number is getting generated, but an error message is coming as soon as I close the “Performance Assistance” box and ultimately the PO is not getting generated and it was not appearing in the “ME2M” Purchasing Document Reports.

The Error Message was:

“Express Document Update was cancelled, received from author. - user id name”



Here you can clearly see in this screenshot, that the PO (po number i.e -4500000163) that I created is not appearing in the "ME2M" reports.


While troubleshooting, I found the origin of this issue lies nowhere, but in the Purchase Info Record document types (IL & IN) and the number range.

Here in my case, the number range for the document type of the PIR (IL & IN) got exhausted, and for this reason only, the system was able to generate the PO number as its “ZNB – doctype” number range is still available, but the Info Record was not updating at all as the number range was exhausted.

Another way-out through this issue, is that, if we un-tick the “Info-Update” checkbox during the creation of the PO, then the system will not try to generate a PIR based on the “Material”, “Purchase Organization” ,“Supplier” and "Plant" combination and hence we can create the PO without triggering this issue.


So, here what I did, I simply created a new “Number Range” for my PIR and assigned the Document Types – “IL & IN” to that number range and this is how I was able to solve the issue.


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Blog Authored by:-

Er. Pratik Das

SAP Enthusiast.