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It is crucial for business key users to be involved in testing SAP implementations. They are the end users of the solution and are the ones who will be impacted by any issues or problems that may arise. But, why, you may wonder, is it then still challenging to have business key users participate in SAP Testing? For more reasons on why business key user involvement is crucial, see the previous blog “Why are Key Users essential in SAP Testing?”.
Key take aways were:

  1. Ensure business requirements are met

  2. Identify potential issues early

  3. Reduce overall project risk

  4. Increase user adoption and satisfaction

  5. Ensure compliance with regulations and standards

To elaborate a little more on why key users should be involved, the 5 arguments below should convince an organization that business key users should be invited and involved more in SAP Testing?

  • Importance of meeting business requirements: By involving key users in testing, you can ensure that the new SAP solution meets the specific needs and requirements of the business. This can help ensure user adoption and overall success of the project.

  • Early identification of issues: Key users are the ones who will be using the SAP solutions on a daily basis. Their involvement in testing can help identify issues early in the testing process, which can reduce the risk of project delays, cost overruns, and user dissatisfaction.

  • Minimizing business disruption: By involving key users in testing, you can minimize disruption to their day-to-day work once the new SAP solution is implemented. If the system does not work as expected, business users may feel forced to revert to their old ways of working, which can cause frustration and delay in achieving the benefits of the new system.

  • Compliance with regulations and standards: Key users are often responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations and standards within their specific areas of the business. Their involvement in testing can help ensure that the new SAP solution meets these requirements and avoids potential legal or financial consequences.

  • Drive change and take ownership: Key users know the SAP and E2E business processes. Based on their experience and knowledge key users should drive innovation, suggest new features and improve the solution over time. By driving innovation from a key user perspective, the key users take ownership for the evolved solution, which is again important to meet the business requirements.
    5 arguments why you need SAP business key users